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Bethany Lover (played anonymously)

Bethany text her friends parnets are on vacation lets get this summer going pool party at 49 sherbets lover manasion going to be a week long party!!!!! beth went out and grab stuff not noticing that it was sent to everyone her freinds send to everyone party bethany return to shock of pepole already here she rush in with bag of food as pepole flood outside
Keo Soun Le (played anonymously)

Keo was curious about this random text she got with an address, so she decided to walk by on her way home from work. A pool party. She didn’t have a swimsuit with her. Maybe she would just sit and have a drink and people watch for a while…
Ranboo -Canon- (played anonymously)

Ranboo was just, y'know, sitting at his chair.

He had his phone out and was playing a stupid mobile game. The premise made no sense and the graphics were extremely low. He didn't mind, however, as it was very funny to him.

Then he got a text from a random number about a pool party. Seemed fun, except... Ranboo can't touch water. He assumed it was from Earth, as he had everyone's number on the SMP. "Maybe it's a wrong number." He spoke to himself. He thought this might be a good opportunity for his son, Michael, to get out and meet Earth people.

He quickly went and put his rollerblades on. "Michael! I'm taking you to Earth!" He yelled out, causing his (adopted) son, Michael, to quickly rush out from in a cabinet...? Michael was a three-year-old zombified piglin. He wore a black-and-white striped long-sleeved shirt and a pair of overalls. "Put your shoes on."

Michael quickly put his white shoes on. Ranboo picked him up. "Tubs, I'm bringing Michael to Earth. Something about a pool party from a wrong number." "Mk. Stay safe, Michael." A man from the other room said.

Ranboo placed his sword on his back just in case and took off. He went through a portal, and he appeared in a dusty basement near the address. He got out and rolled his way to the address. "You know the deal. If anything happens, I'll be away from the water." He told his son, and entered. He was surprised at the amount of people, but nonetheless, it was exciting. He's never seen so many humans at once.

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