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ೃ⁀➷ Hello There!

Welcome to the commission zone! I've been meaning to update my prices for quite a while and now seemed like a good time since I'm especially seeking commissions. I will soon be doing commissions and art full time so having a nice sleek commission page is a must. As normal all commissions will be done in the order received, given payment has been received in the manner discussed [50/50, all upfront, etc.] All prices are in USD and to be paid through Paypal.

A good amount of the examples I currently have are a bit aged but will be updated as new art is completed.

➳ Full bodies

Full bodies feature the entire character from head to toe. Small parts may be obscured by posing, background, or other characters but for the most part, the entire character is in view.

Base Price: $50

Soft Shaded Price: $75

➳ Partial body

Feature a partial part of the character. Typically ranging from waist to shoulder, though sometimes as low as thighs.

Base Price: $45

Shaded Price: $55

➳ Special Pieces

Anything from reference pages, NSFW, animations, and renders will be discussed here as they all have unique prices.

Reference Pages

Detailed showcasing of a character for you or other artists to use as guides for future art. Details will be included anywhere from color pallets, outfits, or highlights of specific features. Price varies on amount of details/outfits you wish to be included.

Price: ~$70-$150


Take much longer to complete but have a mostly lineless, cleaner style. Price highly variable, feel free to contact for a quote. [Example is very old, please stand-by for new one]

Price: ~$50-$150


Price varies incredibly, depending on animation complexity and length.

Price: Starting at ~$50


Examples only available upon request [or through viewing of my gallery]. NSFW includes intense gore, violence, or sexual scenarios. All NSFW has an upcharge.

Price: +25% of base price

36865472_EAKfwJXLQf0XYeQ.png 36726198_M3yHutCCn.png 28351246_iRlqP4BP0ybpfpk.png [img][/img]

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