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Leah (played by Lyra736)

you are a proxy or a creepypasta of were walking in the woods looking for your next target
You see a pink haired girl (leah) laying on the ground with a wound on the side of her chest
You brush the hair out of the girls face and see that its Leah! you were he only friend in Highschool...ypu looked around to see Masky standing there still with his gun drawn to Leah still
"y/n what are you doing?" he said with a annoyed tone as he put the safety lock on and put it in his pocket

(please just pm me with your reply ^^ try to be a canon charater if you can or OC is fine)
Magic 60%
Magic may be accepted as truth but is not common. It might be harnessed only by specific beings. Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones.
Technology 70%
Further future, perhaps visit mars or upload your brain
Combat 80%
Wartime/soldier RPs. Combat is a given and will likely be graphic, but there's the potential for non-combat "in the trenches" scenes. World War 2, Vietnam, etc.
Romance 60%
Romance is expected but not required, and will be accompanied by other plot.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

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