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So this is an OC that's a little similar to some I've thought of before, but I'd like to see what you'll all do with it. :P Uh, the idea is that the girl is pretty far away from others, but is very scientifically interested, and lonely for various... Reasons. That doesn't have to be the primary reason she leaves, but it could be. Also, she sometimes goes a little mad, you could say!
She's in a sci-fi world, remember that, but otherwise put your own twist on things, I'm excited!

- Nonbinary/agender girl (doesn't think about it too hard or too often)
- Enjoys science and what literature she can get her hands on, but has sudden fits of wanting to swordfight.
- Has been living in a bubble for the past 5 years
Here's what I've come up with:

So, in this sci-fi world, the future is not sleek and modern. Rather, it's retro-futuristic. And this character is very interested in the science behind it, however her reason behind her interest is not what you may be thinking.

Every year, a large swordfighting competition is held, and hosts participants from all around the world. It's swordfighting, but with a special twist. The combatants are suited up in robotic armour, which not only protects them, but enhances their strength, speed, and jumping capabilities. The winner of the competition wins a grand prize of one million dollars, plus the title of Grand Champion.

This girl is very interested in this competition. Her interest in the science behind her world is driven by her desire to join this competition. All of the books she owns are all about this sport, from retelling the stories of previous grand champions to how to build your own robotic suit of armour. She is trying to build one, while honing her sword-fighting skills at the same time. Her dream is to rise to the top, and become the next Grand Champion!

This girl is somewhat sheltered, living in her own little bubble for years. She has a bit of anger issues, but she thinks that her anger problems could make her more fearsome in the ring.
However, because she's been living in a bubble for so long, she is unaware of how brutal this competition truly is... Some fighters who enter the ring never come back out alive.

So, there's my idea! What do you think?
Shinyrainbowlithogra Topic Starter

Ooh that sounds great, I like it a lot! I wasn't thinking of her being so multidimensional, emotionally, haha, but I like the idea of her being a little unknowing and having anger problems. It fits with the madness level haha.

As for her bubble I was thinking it's a literal bubble, although that could obviously be taken with varying levels of literacy. The way you're fleshing out the world is helping, though, thank you! :)

What about friends, more world ideas, or dialect styles?! :D
As a slight expansion on Hades' idea (or something that could be worked into another idea if you liked it) is that perhaps the girl was sheltered due to some sort of illness or disability (physical or mental). Perhaps her family/guardians thought she was too fragile and never wanted her to leave the little bubble (think Shilo from Repo! the Genetic Opera which is a reference most people won't get but that's fine-) It could potentially explain a bit more about her determination to win the competition, and perhaps her anger.
Also, maybe she could have some sort of AI/robotic companion? For example if you went with the idea that she was sheltered due to an illness or something like that, perhaps she was provided with a robotic companion due to her guardians' unwillingness to let her go out and be with a lot of people, where she might get hurt or sick etc. Alternatively she could have designed the robot/AI herself, either just for fun, due to being lonely, or any other reason you like.
Shinyrainbowlithogra Topic Starter

I already have some characters with AI and such, but I do like the idea and can try to put a new twist on it that I haven't used yet. Like, uh, classic robot dog! Or the computer from PsychoPass! I don't think I've used those yet. :D
The idea of her being physically frail and wanting to train rather than just be sheltered seems good! I'll think about what her illnesses or disabilities may be and how they might affect her character. She'd probably find a way to try and improve or get around them.
Shinyrainbowlithogra Topic Starter

Okiedoke, guys, I went ahead and used a character profile that just didn't have any backstory or stats or anything, because I like the name and the face and she's cool in a sci-fi setting, I think.
So there you go! Credits on page 2!

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