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Humans once thought that they were alone amongst the universe. They explored the entire Milky Way over the course of thousands of years and never suspected how minuscule they were amongst the cosmos. Unfortunately, one day they learned. They learned as the ships of unimaginable proportion (within their brief history) descended upon their cities, states, and provinces… their was no real rebellion, how could they foretell their own demise? Within days, without history’s comprehension; they were gone…no defence, no compromise… the genocide was singular within its divination. If you were not immune you did not survive. They killed us, easily and economically. They wanted us dead and we will never know why… But an individual may surmise that it is because of our destruction… through it the wilds may survive.
-Stone derivative, earth origin unknown

Sample of a rough draft, looking for people who can help me shake off my rust (it’s been 15 years since I did this shit) I just want to get back into some legit writing my friends!
AmarisRosethorn Topic Starter

I have no idea what I am doing lol “I’m too old for this shit” as the saying goes. Just honestly love writing and allowing myself to escape into the realms within my mind but the journey is hard-pressed to do alone.

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