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This Looking For RP topic is marked as closed, meaning it is no longer seeking new players.

Born to a Polish father and French mother, Monique ran away when she was 17, travelling around Europe and living in various cities, unable to ever settle. Having fought food issues all her life, she soon started taking drugs as a way of numbing the hunger pangs in her stomach, however this soon ended up out of control. After spending time in a psychiatric hospital and rehab, Monique returned to her home city, where she decided to focus on getting into the music scene. Currently, she's working as a lounge singer and doing her best to fight old demons, however she knows it won't be long before she falls back into her old ways, and this time she fears she might never resurface.

It's just when things start to get better for her, that Monique meets your character. The pair meet when Monique is working as a singer in the fancy bar and restaurant where your character is. The pair begin talking, and after they meet again a few days later, your character asks Monique on a date. After a few weeks of dating, the pair begin a relationship. Your character offers Monique a feeling of happiness, he treats her like she means something, and she's never had that before. Monique soon falls under your character's spell, blinded by his charm and the love he says he has for her. When your character starts drugging the vulnerable young drifters who move into the couple's spare apartment room (under the impression that they're safe and staying with friends) Monique says nothing, being coerced into mixing the drugged drinks for the victims and 'looking after' them by giving them spiked medicine, believing your character when he tells her it'll be ok, and helping him take their valuables. Your character has a hold on her, and he uses it to his advantage, using Monique to lure the drifters into their apartment after 'bumping into' them. After things escalate to murder, Monique believes your character when he tells her the people he picked won't be missed, but soon the guilt begins to eat at her, and she struggles with what they're doing, unable to leave your character due to the love she has for him and her limited options. Fighting between your character and Monique begins, and in the midst of planning their future together, the drifters keep coming. After several near misses in which our characters are almost caught by the police, Monique and your character realise that time is running out on their little set up, wondering what to do as the police begin honing in on their crimes, and trying to figure out how to get away with everything.

This idea can take place in any time period from the 60s onwards, and will be a one on one, long term rp. At least 2 paragraphs are required in each rp post. PM me if you want to take part or have any questions.
Magic 00%
No magic at all.
Technology 50%
Combat 40%
Unrest may be part of the setting, but any scenes that happen to involve combat may be summarized.
Romance 80%
Romance will be a major feature of this plot.

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred.

Monique Verekski (played by blackcatsandoldbooks) Topic Starter

Monique Verekski (played by blackcatsandoldbooks) Topic Starter

Astride, jones,and isaac (played anonymously)

is isaac alright?

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