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Hia guys! I'm just, here to ramble about a novel concept tbh-- I don't expect anyone to be suuuper interested bc I don't wanna get my hopes up, but yk--

So! The story, for now, is called Shearing Season. It was originally called Counting Sheep because I was inspired by an outside source, but I've recently revamped it (about three months after I first named it). The main protagonist is Hazel, a canidae morphalyte¹, and her life as she tries to take care of her pack. It's sort of inspired by Beauty and the Beast but with less Stockholm Syndrome and with way more LGBTQA+ themes. The story takes place on a planet called Menagerie², in a small town on Bogdadon³ called Stonehide. The town is full of swamp falaen⁴ who take issue with Hazel's mere existence and shortly before she arrives, a law in Bogdadon is passed preventing segregation of peoples in privately owned businesses based on their race. Obviously, none of the swamp falaen are happy about it, so they hatch a plan to justify Totally Not Murdering™ Hazel. She's framed for the murder of a livestock animal, when in reality, the man who's animal she killed had his daughter offer her the corpse for food, and the animal was already dead from an illness. There's a big thing where the daughter of the man, named Silas, has to stop them from having her rung up, so to speak (aka they're gonna hang her).

It's a working story, but I hope you guys like it :eyes:

Notes for all the terms:
¹ - a canidae morphalyte is a species native to Menagerie, with inspiration from werewolf mythologies, but they're definitely their own thing
² - Menagerie is the planet that many of my stories take place on! You can read more about it here
³ - Bogdadon is the name of a state, where swamp falaen are native to >:D

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You are on: Forums » Art & Creativity » I have another new book idea, imma ramble

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