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Hey. You. That person with your newfangled christmas cash. You want a portrait. You got the money. I got the goods. Some of you may have been stalking me for months, ready to throttle me each time I promise to open my commissions in a 'couple weeks.' Now's your chance, because god only knows when I'll do it again.

Let's not waste any time. Payment in USD through PayPal. Half-payment after the sketch, half-payment after the finished product. Turnaround of max 2 weeks. I draw furries, humanoids, and aliens. No mechs, feral animals, or complicated backgrounds. I specialize in two styles; gritty semi-realistic and fluffy cute cartoony semi-realism. Make sure that any art you provide me with as a reference is yours. I do not work from stolen designs.

Painted Bust: $60
owa a a aaa


Painted Half-Body: $80. These examples are a little older because I don't do very many. Comes with free foreground elements (flowers, held objects, whatever) if you want.


Cutesie Uwu Bust: $45


gimme ur lunch money so i can pay for my medical bills nerds
Saturninum Topic Starter

Opening up PWYW for a little while, just cause. Alternative to having to slam down a huge chunk of cash for art. You'll be at my mercy because it'll be whatever I feel like, unless you meet one of the price points up above.

Example: If you do $45, you won't get anything less than the equivalent of a rendered cutesy bust.

$20 minimum to make it worth my time and yours. Rest assured that I don't do cheap crap like chibis or five second headshots, because that's just shady. You'll be getting a good deal. Please note that you won't get WIP updates with these - other than a basic idea of what you want, I hold the reins in PWYWs. ;)

doodles for the meantime:


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