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Content Warning: Novel currently contains depictions of gore (not all that detailed, but still rather violent).

So after watching a few animated shows, a question came to my mind: "Why is the protagonist always a binary cisgender human?"

And so I decided... if nobody else is doing it, why not write the kind of fiction that I want to see myself? And so this idea came about.

It's a fantasy story starring the sort of fluffy critter you'd normally see fulfilling a mascot role. They're agender - by identification and biology - and small, but I do believe I've set them up in such a way that they can be a viable protagonist.

So, let me present to you:

Harmony Ablaze (Working Title)

The kingdom is under threat as a dark cabal of murderers and bandits migrates to a mysterious ruin for unknown purposes. Rallying around a small, furry creature, a group of heroes set out to muster the strength to face this enigmatic foe; but can they make it in time to prevent the oncoming storm?



Let me warn you that my track record for completing literature projects is abysmal, so this will likely never be finished; and if it does, there might come a stage where I might want to do something with it, so may stop updating this page (or even delete everything here). If the latter happens, I'll probably keep the progress of things updated.
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I've changed the hosting format over to google docs. I'll still update this thread whenever I update the document, but individual chapters will no longer be uploaded separately.

The exception is the appendices, which will remain separate until the story is completed to make it less of a chore to navigate the document. I'll probably switch them over to google docs as well once I've written up additional appendices.

Chapter 2 is still under construction. I've taken somewhat of a break from working on it, so it's been a while; but it's maybe half way through right now.
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Chapter 2 has been finished!

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