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A high school for the gifted,the trouble or the gifted trouble students. A five year private school with wonderful dorms made for all the students,pretty good staff and teachers should make up for the fact that the school is surrounded by a tall,thick fence,making the idea of freedom see very unlikely.and maybe everyone's unnatural and willing to help the students could have helped them forget about their almost prison like school,but,when there is a killer on campus the only thing you want to do is leave.
Who do we trust?
We need three more people,I hope this interested people in some way!

I am

Yay!This is the topic:Who do we trust?

SO cool can I post

Ahah,thank you. Yes! Glad to have you join us.XD

Hey! I'm in, if you still have openings. Although, I'm new to this site(not rp). So I'm kind of confused on how everything works. If you could send me a message to my account if you still need people, that would be awesome. Thanks!

Sounds like fun.. Perhaps my characters, Raikin, Matkantos, Meirick, or Kanna could fit in here?

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Forums > Looking for RP > Weclome to Legacy High school......