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hello every one, I am alonepanda . I have two characters Jack grey wolf ,and serenity delight I would like to role play please .

All my chars are free if you would like to RP with me

I have a a new character that I have been wanting to use. Have you ever heard of a necromorph? It is a ugly creature form the game Dead Space, I believe, well this is a necromorph-human girl who is still under development.

I would like to rp with the both of you if it is alright . If not that is fine. What is dead space. Celtic all of your character's are beautifully done, I couldn't possible choose

at the same time or seprate roleplays?

You can decide , I am up for what ever you are.

i like 1 on 1 RPs honesty

Dead space is a Sci-Fi game, I haven't played it myself but I have seen some YouTubers I watch. I wanted to try using her more in a fantasy or modern setting. I am fine with 1x1 or group.

I could do a 1 x with each of you . Just pick a character . I only have two right now. I Could build another one if you would like

Jack for me... and just ruffle threw my chars and see who you would like me to use.

Could you pick Celtic I could not decide they are all so well done.

Sure id love to RP Celtic =) we can do the RP in PM... What sould the RP be about.

Jack seems interesting to me, more so on how he will interact with Darlia here.

Sure Celtic we can do pm and Darlia I could also play jack for you to. You guys could start anytime you want to.

Sure, that is fine with me. ^_^

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Forums > Looking for RP > I would like to rp