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Noelle is one of my newest characters and I have never RP with her. Hopefully I can find someone who will give her a chance. She is mean and cruel towards humans and other species except some hybrids.

1. Please reply in at least a paragraph or more, it's not that hard to do.
2. Noelle is very mean and cruel and will kill humans or other species. If I RP with a human, it's gonna take a while for her to like them and she will be very cruel.
3. I usually like to do long term RPs and I like action and romance.
4. You must try your best to use proper grammar and spelling.
5. This can either be a forum RP or PM. It just depends how much fighting we want and romance. I do live for the thrill.

Been tossing around the idea of a werebear in my mind if that sounds like a potential match, I'm not sure any of my current characters would really fit... I'll probably end up working on said character now, actually, while I'm thinking about it. Is Noelle a fantasy or modern/sci-fi character? Either way, would be interested. Can easily do a paragraph or more per post though my online access is sometimes interrupted for a few days at a time, if you don't mind the occasional delay. Let me know!

Edit: Werebear created because I had time. 'Posted As' changed.

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Forums > Looking for RP > Shape Shifter looking for RP!