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so, i'm milo.

first things first, i'm lazy with grammar outside of writing but i know my stuff (which, by the way, i can prove if you PM me and want samples). secondly, i'm more comfortable with m// and f//, but i'll do het stuff if that's your comfort zone.

i've been roleplaying for about seven years but i've been gone for a while. i'd like to jump right back in, so here's a quick run down of what i'm lookin for at the moment:

▪ fruits basket
▪ boys in love
▪ grit, drama, angst, probably unhealthy coping mechanisms
▪ trans kids in love
▪ people with super powers or magical abilities
▪ girls in love
▪ forced interaction turns into friendship (and/or eventual romance)
▪ poly relationships
▪ delinquent kids, street kids, violence with a healthy dose of unreality a la tekkonkinkreet
▪ something post-apocalyptic
▪ anything set in some kind of school (boarding school or university far from home is my favourite setting though).

i have three plots we could expand on, which i would prefer to discuss in PMs or over skype. i will also only give samples of my writing through PMs or over skype.

→ i'm not interested in love triangles or seme/uke dynamics.

also craving:

something based off naruto

I would love to construct and look at your plot Mr./Ms. Milo o u o)/ Though I may be a bit slow in terms of responding, I hope to become not only a role playing buddy, but also a friend. u v u)

Would post-apocalyptic include zombies? :D

Abraham Marcus Lyall wrote:
Would post-apocalyptic include zombies? :D

ah, sorry, i'm too afraid of zombies to ever do a roleplay that includes them.
shiver shiver.
zombies are so scary, man.

So then what would the post-apocalyptic be?

Abraham Marcus Lyall wrote:
So then what would the post-apocalyptic be?

my only idea was that there was some sort of war that devastated the earth, so everything's falling apart and in varying states of decay, and our characters would be part of the last humans around. they would have spent a long time away from anyone else because most of the remaining humans have become hostile and afraid of anyone not already part of their group (in the recent past there have been many cannibals,people who are mutated just enough to be deemed not only ugly but thought of as dangerous, and people who began to believe that dying is better than living here and have tried to kill others for this purpose). you know, the usual.

so, eventually our characters find each other and team up to increase their chances of survival. maybe one of our characters (or more than one) is mutated?

That actually sounds cool! :D Though I would have to call not being mutated.

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Forums > Looking for RP > 1x1//search -m/m f/f are preferred-