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I'm really bad at these!

So this character Sarah is the personal assistant to a pop/shock star who goes by Velvet Skye and is being slowly driven mad.

Sarah rarely interacts with anyone other than Velvet Skye and Velvet's boyfriend, the hunky, sexy Irish model Killian. She does literally anything and everything that Velvet needs done - answering her calls, sending out thank-you notes, signing autographs, doing her make-up, firing other employees, making her fried chicken from scratch at 2 AM, holding her hair back when she purges, helps her obsessively work out - you get the idea.

Sarah is getting crapped on from any and all angles. She hasn't even seen her mom since Christmas (and only for a few hours before she had to fly back!)

What I'm looking for in RP as far as plot goes:
1. Another person looking at her as potential employee.
2. Someone offering scads of money for a tell-all
3. A friend.
4. A love interest to get her mind off of hunky Killian.

What I am looking for in a partner:
1. 18+.
2. Fluent English grammar and spelling. I'm not going to hound you for mistakes like "stop/spot" or using the wrong word (but a similar one). I just need someone who is going to be able to keep up with it.
3. Someone who doesn't mind waiting sometimes. I work and I am a full time student with a full course load, including two art courses where I will need to spend extra time in the studio.

I do have the right to say no, remember that!

Sounds interesting! Where can I sign up! PLEASE PM me if you would like to RP with me, I'm well-educated in my English and grammar, and generally have, 'OK', posts.

Hah. Very intriguing character. Well, I'll offer up B though on this one I won't be rigid on the beach setting if you wish for this RP to take place somewhere else.

I doubt I'll be using idea 2, but for 1,3,and 4 we can arrange something maybe? Whatever you think is best.

This rock-star-mermaid in the making probably doesn't get along well with Sarah's boss and might just try to snatch up her services to piss that 'talentless twat' off (aren't feuds fun?). Besides the obvious complications and secrecy surrounding Coral's identity, she makes a good potential friend or even love interest to shake things up! Coral's a little outrageous too but in a fun and caring way, so she'll be quite the contrast.

Hit me up if you're interested. I can be tardy too so I fully understand and I'm in my mid-twenties with a decent grasp on English. *thumbs up*

I think Holly might be a decent candidate for #3, maybe #4 (if you're okay with ftb), and sort of #2- she doesn't have much money to offer, but she would be interested in info about Velvet!
(Excuse the page, it's still in the works, but I've had her concept in mind for awhile and am ready to play her)

Wow! Some great looking characters responded! I'll be sending out a few pms after my nap.

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Forums > Looking for RP > Personal Assistant in desperate need of friends.