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Pale moonlight was cast across the pond in front of Faermur'ssintra, as she washed the berries in the top edge of the murky water. She hummed to herself, one of the few creatures awake at this hour. She put each berry to the side when she was finished with it, letting it dry on a piece of cloth. Her eyes were closed while she performed her task, her hair pulled over her shoulder.

Warmth had gone out with the sun and while she currently didn't wear anything to hide her from the cold, soon she would need to. Her dark skin was raised in gooseflesh and she shivered, shifting away from the pond, to the broken down tent to grab a lumpy knit sweater that she pulled around herself, opening her eyes to reveal milky-blue pupils. Her pointed ears listened for any threats, but she heard none now, the Raven asleep in a nest she had carried.

Someone was speaking in the dark, on the far side of the pond. A low, simple recitation of spoke words, words twisted into rhyme. It came from one of the larger trees, a great willow that wept by the bank.

Hanging there, hidden from view by the shadow of the moonlight and the vines, hung a thick azure snakes tail. It's tip wagged slowly in a amused curling twist, as the sigh broke the night, and a new bit of rhythmic speaking began.

The drow was not alone this evening, something was already here in the dark. And it seemed to be speaking poetry by moonlight.

Faer smiled and listened for now, not giving away where she was while she ate. There was no point startling the poor soul, and if they already knew she was there, there was no hurt in just listening. She closed her eyes and lay back on the bedroll, wishing she could see the stars. Even when she did see, it was a muted world, not meant to be seen for humanoids.

She got up and headed towards the sound, using a staff to guide her.

Unbeknownst to his unexpected guests enjoyment, Trypp stopped his reading. It was getting too late to continue to read. He drew up the tip of his tail, and slid along his belly towards the pond itself. He reached with his tail and secured himself, as he slid off the branch and extended his hands towards the water. His body parted the veil of vines, as he cupped the water between his hands and brought it too his lips.

He drew more water, and splashed his face, washing gently. Then he unwound the head scarf from his head, and dipped it into the water. He swished it about and pulled it back, and began to scrub his face and shoulders with it before slipping it over his neck.

He was obvious to the presence of the drow, as he drew back under the willow tree once more.

Faer stood there, thinking about what to do. She frowned for a moment, "Boo." She didn't do anything else, just said the word, trying to keep from laughing. She hoped she didn't scare him too badly.

The naga startled, and in his surprise, he let go with his tail. His drop to the bank of the pond was sudden as he landed with a thud. He was sprawled on his chest, as his tail landed on top of him, covering him.

Faer frowned lightly, "Umm... Are you okay?" She felt guilt tear up her insides and knit her brow in worry, "I didn't mean to scare you that bad." She reached out her hands to help him up, her hands around his coils, feeling it.

The coils where strong, as Trypp struggled up to leaning on his elbows. The tip of his tail wrapped about her wrist tightly, holding her arms on his tail as he extracted himself from his position. He coiled his tail one loop at a time under himself and rolled onto his back, raising himself into a standing position. "It's fine. I am alright. You meant no harm...or else you would've done it already." He leaned his flexible back, until his spine popped gently. She got a good view at what he had to defend himself, as he was wearing two wavy-bladed kris daggers alongside the knot of his sash, and a scimitar on his left hip. His eyes caught hers, and he looked at her with a curious squint, "Don't...Dark skinned elves live underground?"

Faer frowned, "My mother died above ground. I ... I have never been around any of my people." She felt the hatred coming on. The anger that most had against her. She wore a pretty dress that was clean, made of a soft material, "I was raised above ground, but I sleep during the day."

Trypp moved about her, looking at her. He caught that note of anger in her voice, as was careful to slither about it, "An orphan meets an exile then. Two outcasts encountered on happenstance on a moonlit night." He mused softly, it sounded like one of the plots from a playwrite. "It must be very hard, living so far from your own. I sympathize, it has been a three years since I last laid eyes upon the homelands of my people." His silent slithering took him to her left side, then all the way around to her right. Getting behind someone could make them feel vulnerable and threatened. "What might you be doing all the way out in this forest, Miss Drow?"

Her shoulders raised and dropped in a shrug, "Wandering. My name is Faermur'ssintra. Faer for short." She smiled, her lips twitching up at the corners, "What's your name?" She felt a bit uneasy, playing with her long hair, wrapping a lock of it around her long fingers.

"Trypp. Simply Trypp will do." He grinned, as he slithered before her once more. "And a fellow wanderer as well? This meeting must've been traced in the stars." There was something odd about her, Trypp could not understand, she did not act shocked at his appearance, enraged by his presence, nor enamored with his beauty...and those where the only three responses he ever received. He stared into her eyes, taking a closer look. "Honestly, I am surprised. You are reacting most cool-headedly to my appearance...." And then he had a suspicion. He raised his hand and waved two fingers before her face, seeing if her pupils would shrink as they passed or if her eyes would reflexively follow. When neither happened, he understood. "You are blind. No wonder you are not shocked by how I look."

She laughed softly, "Oh, I am sorry, should I have announced that? Most people are intent on getting away from me before they notice." She smiled still, "What's so horrible or wonderous about how you look?" She lifted a hand slowly, reaching forward. She went slowly, as not to startle him, intending to trace his features.

Trypp let her touch his face. The snake smooth skin, lacking all hair. Trypp chuckled, "That is not what is shocking, you have to go lower for that." Trypp allowed her to touch him, patiently waiting for her to realize what she was touching over. He was sure when she hit snake scales, she would understand.

Faer ran her fingers down his chest, feeling the scales at the edge of his tail. She frowned, fingers splaying as she stroked down, kneeling to gets a better feel of it, "What are you?" She pressed into the lean, strong muscles, frowning.

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