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So, I suck at coding. I don't know anything about CSS, and I only know basic BB Code. Still, I am making a role-play, so naturally, I wanted to make the Interest page 'pop' and draw attention.

One of the many things I don't know how to do is alter the Font style. So if anyone could help me I would really appreciate it.

Hi Mangekyo! :)

In order to use CSS, you need to have an Epic Membership and be able to customize a template's coding. We have a guide for how to get started with CSS - once you understand the foundation of a template, you can start editing one, but this will take a lot of time, patience and experimenting to get it just how you want it. (You're also welcome to use any official free to use RPR template as your base for this! Please don't use anyone's custom template without their permission though.)

Thankfully, with BBCode we can get really far, so if you're more comfortable sticking to this (and/or you don't want to get an Epic membership), then our advanced profile prettification guide will come in super handy! Please do check it out, it's really well put together.

As for your question, what exactly do you mean with a font style? In CSS terms, style is considered the difference between normal and italic text for example. You can obtain that with the basic italic tags:

[i]Italic text goes here[/i]

If you're referring to the font family, you can change this too. Do keep in mind that what font a person views on your profile is dependent on which font family they have installed on their computer. This means if you decide to use a font called 'Aubrey Regular', for example, that's installed on your computer, but the person viewing your profile doesn't have it, their computer will pick a different font that is on the user's machine instead. That means this method isn't very reliable, but still useful if you stick to fonts most commonly found on people's default computer installations.

With that in mind, this is the BBCode you can use without having to use CSS:
[font='Font name here']Your text goes here.[/font]

This text is written in the Arial font!

I hope this is helpful, if anything is unclear or I misunderstood your question please let us know. :)

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Forums > Help > CSS coding/ Text styling