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I have this interesting idea for a game. I would put down a genre, then the person after me would put down their favourite song from that genre and also put down another genre.

First genre: comedy

fat by weird al
,genre pop


Genre: alt rock

dont have one sorry
genre hip hop

I put rap in that genre so Logic's 1-800


Probably 'Desperadoes Waitin' for a Train' by the Highwaymen.

Genre: Thrash Metal

the power rangers theme song cover on YouTube
Genre heavy metal

Teen spirit- Nirvana
Genre: Jazz

don't really listen to jazz sorry
genre Parody

Love story- Bart Baker
Genre: Rap

Number Five by Hollywood Undead or something else Hollywood Undead

Genre: 1950's or 1960's

Jailhouse rock - Elvis Presley
Genre: 80s or 90s

Call Me-Blondie

Genre: electropop

Closer - Chainsmokers

Genre: from 2011 to 2013

Only girl rihanna?
Genre 2016-2017

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Forums > Forum Games > Favourite song from the genre given