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Forums > Suggestions & Development Discussion > A Tag System?

Basically a way to 'tag' things with content. See a wiki page for an idea for how it'd work. This way, a user would be able to rapidly narrow things down in their searches, which, when combined with keywords, would alloy incredibly specific searches.

Nice, I agree!

In what way would a tag system differ from keywords? Theoretically they are the same thing with the same purpose, so I'm a bit confused.

I believe a tag can be listed on the side, similar to a folder, but easier to add/remove; while a keyword has to be searched up every time it's looked for.

So a 'tag' would be like Fantasy, but a bit more focused. For instance, let's say you add the 'Romance' tag to something. Then even if the word 'romance' doesn't show up on the page proper, you can see it, because sometimes you might forget to just write all the keywords at the bottom. That, and what LockWood said

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Forums > Suggestions & Development Discussion > A Tag System?