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I will contact all who respond, even if it's a "Sorry, someone bought them" <3 ; You will not be ignored, promise. :>

Hey there y'all
So I have these babes sitting around in my files doing... nothing, and I don't think I'll ever actually do anything with them so... I'm gonna try and sell them to someone who might want them!

Serious offers only please. 'Best offer' does not mean two dollars.
I might consider art and/or character designs as a semi-payment/trade, but this will rarely cover the entire payment. Thank you for understanding. <3

PRICE: Prices are individual per design or best offer - This comes with the rights to the character plus the applicable pieces of art, as seen below.
OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL ART: If you would like to pay an additional $12, you can get a Bust Piece of these characters done by myself. <3 (An additional $30 will get you a Fullbody Piece!)

Individual art pieces will be delivered to whoever ends up buying these designs. <3

a bump, I added a dragon / demon lady to this. <3

A wee bump. <3

Remember, this is still a "Or best offer" forum! Feel free to throw up an offer if the $ is too steep for you! I'm willing to haggle a bit :>

still available ^^;

Hey there! I'm hoping to do some updated pieces for these characters soon, but that will also up the price of them!
If you want to grab them for cheaper, grab them quick!

One girl sold!
Elfy still available! :>

Elf girl now has an additional art piece! Her price has been raised accordingly!

A little bump!
I added another character for sale! I re-drew her yesterday, but past that, I don't plan on doing anything with her, so... she's up for grabs now!

Small bump, added another character!

Small bump; Added 2 more characters!

A wittle bumpus :>

These are still for sale y'all

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Forums > Art & Creativity > Characters 4 Sale (With art!)