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Society is broken

Earth. Gone. We leave in the stars now. Earth was destroyed in a nuclear war, everything's now irradiated and it's practically suicide to go down there. Right now we live on multiple massive space station. Some of the few most know ones are:




And finally the largest one:

Central command. This one is massive it holds over half of the population of Earth.

While that may seem good a lot of people have turned against one another and have split up into multiple factions

The Pirates: As the name suggests they only live to destroy, steal, and kill. They live by no rules and will do anything to get what they want.

The Liberators: These lunatics are absolutely insane thinking that the government is spying on them constantly and they are constantly trying to revolt against them.

The General Crowd: Just your everyday citizens. Nothing much happens with them.

The Free Ones: The more popular crowd. This consists of Bounty Hunters, Traders, Mercenaries, etc.

Will you survive in that hell-hole of a universe? I don't know. But hey... it's worth a shot.

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Mate may I join?

``AUXILIARY POWER: ONLINE `` Those words were the first words he heard when he woke up. He realized he couldn't see, his screen was broken. He felt as if he was floating in mid-air. He tried to remember the last moments that had just occurred.

Just a few hours earlier he had just gotten finished with taking a bounty. As he walked inside he heard ``Successful kill, Z-338?`` it was the ship's A.I named Clementine ``Yeah`` he said as he sat down in the pilot's seat ``Turn on the engines.`` `` Yes sir`` the engines turned on and it began to hover in the air ``Alright take me to the nearest Space docks, Clem`` he said as he strapped in ``Alright.`` The pearl white ship turned slightly and then shot off in a white light towards the dock. As he stopped next to the dock he quickly realized that he warped straight into the middle of the battle. Five massive battle ships one one side and 3 massive battle ships on the other side. There were fighters going all over the place! ``Quick Clem warp us out of here!`` he said as he dodged laser bolts ``The ion engines need charging sir!`` he rolled right out of the way of a fighter that was barreling out of control. He took down a few fighters and tried to hold himself out but he couldn't the fight seemed to go on and on forever. There was something in one if the ships on the other side. It was a massive Super-Railgun it charged up a massive blue bolt and shot it directly in the side of the battle ship hitting it's core. It exploded in a massive ball of plasma. A piece of shrapnel hit the side of the ship. ``Clem what's the chance of surviving?`` he waited for a bit as she calculated ``10% out of 100%`` ``Dammit`` he then realized that he stuck out like a sore thumb with his white ship in the middle of dark space. He was too late. A laser bolt hit the ship causing ti to explode and sending him fly out of the ship and cracking his screen head in the process.

"So that's how I got here" he thought. He couldn't move because his joints were frozen so he sat there... waiting. ``SHUTTING DOWN`` when he heard those words he started to panic. "NO NO N-" bam. Just like that. He was shut off

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I'd be flying my small ship.I'd be going sector 3 just to check what was going then...ship fire,explosions, and death.Then a piece of a ship came hurling toward me.I'd turn on blast mode then blast the piece.I'd go through the scatters of well ships pieces.I'd exit sector 3 and see a ship.It was the biggest one I'd see in the universe. "Oh crap." I'd say.I'd go in tractor beam to see what was going on. ""What do you want we are working here!" A speaker would say. "Well cause some trouble that's all." I said with a smirk.

2 fighters appeared. 1 landed on one ship the other landed on the other ship. Taking control of 2 ships.

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