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The year was 017.M3. The universe was vast and mysterious, holding signs of life known to everyone with its vast array of species and races, as well as galaxies and life forms, both organic and mechanic, throughout the cosmos. Life, and death, was all but inevitable in this life known to the Imperial of Man. In the endless pool of the cosmos, wars were ensuing between Man and those of other Xeno races. However, not all Xeno races were so hostile towards Man, but in fact, were friendly, and in worst cases, neutral, towards Man. It had always seemed like that no matter where Man had turned, there was always something going on, either in life, and in death. In most instances, humanity would survive through the endless pursuit of engagement with every type of race, but one race, was ruthless, and unforgiving, as the rest: Orks.

Orks are hyper-violent species that scoured the plains and realms all over the galaxy due to their genetics and their biology. These savage and blood thirsty creatures only fight for the sake of fighting. Causing havoc and mischief wherever they please. Not only do they fight others, but in some instances, they even fight themselves. What they fight, they take. These creatures are truly immune to extinction, due to them reproducing through their reproductive spores on their bodies. They're seen as warlike, savage, and crude. But what they lack in brains, they make up for in ingenuity. They make weapons out of the scraps left over from wars previous before them, as well as body augmentations. They use any and all means of survivals, and fighting to make sure they get anything that would be prosperous to their own kind, regardless of how the outcome would come to play. There was a young male, who was born on the planet of Enkidu, a Feral World possessing dark forests, endless swamps, and fearsome beasts. This planet was located in the Askellion Sector of the Calixis-Scarus Warp. The locals on this planet were seasoned from birth, for on this planet, it was either kill or be killed, survival of the fittest. To those that could not make it in such conditions, were either slaves, or fed to the wild life. If the wild life was not bad, the war's scars that were once plagued from previous encounters had too left their fair share of death and destruction in their own wake. This life was the only thing the male knew, but he was tired of living in such conditions. So, one day, he hoped on a merchant transport ship, and traveled to the Imperial World of Konor.

Konor is an Imperial Forge World and a Research Station of the Adeptus Mechanicus. This World was also ruled by the UltraMarine Space Marine Chapter and lies in the Ultima Segmentum. The male had heard such stories of the Ultra Marines. They were ruthless and powerful. They had brought might and law to the far vast reaches of the galaxy, whereever they may roam. The Ultra Marines believed in their own codes and laws, The Codex Astartes. These were the laws that they believed in as if it was their own religion. To those that defied the Imperium of Man, in times of war, they would get sent out to fight and kill in the name of the Elder, as well as the Inquisitor. The male wanted to be one of these, but unfortunately, by the Chapter, he was turned away. However, he was given another opportunity, to be an Imperial Guard for the galaxy. The Imperial Guards were the military for the Imperium of Man all throughout the galaxy, always sent off to war, or sent off to other means and other places. To those that wished to serve the galaxy, this was the way to do so. However, for this male, since he was a volunteer during Elysia, and became a shock-trooper, then rose thru the rank through a ten year campaign, as well as surviving a WAAAAAGH, he was not only a Sargent, but he was placed within the infamous 12 Regiment, also known as the "Black Crusade."

The male had seen his fair share of war. He traveled all throughout the Segmentum Solar System. He traveled everywhere from Antax to Baal, Davin to Forge Polix, and everywhere in between. His name was beginning to become well known to those that were first joining the Imperial Guard. His story was legendary now, as it was back then. The male was wearing thick black carapace armor that had silver and grey etching in the symbols, roman numeral numbers, and rank insignias too. Wrapped around his head was a thick piece of cloth. On his back was a Hellgun. The Hellgun was considered a high-powerful lasgun with an external energy pack to help provide extra punch to armor piercing power. For his sidearm, upon his left hip, was a Bolt Pistol. Lastly, he had a rucksack in his right hand that held his standardized equipment: his combat knife, small medical supplies, trenching tool, gas mask, and his "uplifting primer" book. He was soon sent on a carrier to Galen IV. Galen VI is an Imperial Frontier World that was located in the Galen System within the Badab Sector of the Segmentum Ultima. These Whiteshields, along with a few Imperial Guard's Guardsmen, were sent to a little village on the boarder of one of the larger Forge cities, where everything for the Imperium of Man was built.

This little village was of maybe 300 people, and their small outpost was of half that. The outpost was held six main buildings, one was the barracks, one was the mess, one was the workshops, that worked on everything from vehicles to weapons, and the last buildings was the storage building that held their supplies, as well as vehicles and anything else, that was lightly armored. The whole outpost was protected by a large wire fence, with sandbags lining it, as well as some Guardsmen stationed out there, armed with their standard loadout, as well as Heavy Bolters, large turrets used for anti-infantry, and fire support roles. The male was there within his uniform when he landed right outside of the village. As was walking through the front gate of the compound, he was saluted by Whiteshields, and other Imperial Guard personnel, in which he would salute back. He made his way through the main building, and was heading up to the top floor, where the Field Officer would be.

After taking the elevator up, and followed the signs, he stood infront of a set of double doors. He knocked on it with his left hand before entering. He walked inside right infront of the desk, sets his rucksack down, saluted the Officer and spoke "Sargent Titus Meromus of the 12th Regiment, reporting as ordered!" He extended his file and laid it on the desk, standing there at attention and waiting for further orders.

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