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Hello, guys. So, as the name suggests, I'm looking for a FC of this character. I usually play older men, around 38+y/o, but for this specific theme, I think that around 19-20y/o is better.
So, this character will be a complex one. He is a professional gamer, one of the best. He had become a millionaire due to his incredible and one-of-a-kind gameplay, mechanics handling and win rate. Yes, he is a genius when is comes to e-sports.
He had a very tough childhood, his father was abusive and his mother died in a car accident. He left home when he was 16y/o, living from boosting people in different games in exchange for money and going to tournaments which he won. At the age of 17, he had a car accident, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down, but with therapy, he had regained his some motor functions in his legs, but has to use crutches or a walker. The boy got noticed by the managers of the most famous gaming team and they waited for him to turn 18years, so he could join the team. Success followed, he quickly became the most expensive player.
Due to his hard childhood, the boy suffers from PTSD, depressive disorder, panic disorder and is very anxious among people which worsens his his performance, so he plays from home. He stutters and also has asthma, and he is pretty antisocial, so being around people worsens his stutter and asthma. Despite the money, he stills lives in his old tiny flat. He doesn't care about the money, the only thing he wants to is to get even better at gaming and play games, he is also a good and considerate guy. I imagine RPing with him to be very psychological.

So, I guess what I'm looking for is for someone around 19-20, I imagine him rather skinny and sickly looking. I prefer photos of real people, males. Looked through some actors, but can't seem to find anything. So if you could help me with choosing FC, I'd be really happy.

If you want someone to look thin and sickly, I'd actually recommend looking at male models. A lot of them are beefy, but just as many are held to dangerous body expectations.

I couldn't find the names of these two men, but with a reverse image search, I'm sure you could find something or similar pictures:



Pierro Mendez is 19 and certainly looks it:

And my final suggestion:
Sakaguchi Kentaro, a J-drama actor that looks particularly nerdy to me, lol


Thank you so much, Kidd! I actually really liked Sakaguchi Kentaro, he does look rather nerdy and has nice pictures that somehow show my character's personality. I'll probably use him as an FC, so yeah, thank you very much!

You're welcome! Glad I could help :D

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Forums > RP Discussion > Character FC need help