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How far does one have to walk before they have no choice but to turn back around? Would the ocean stop Narx or would it be her legs giving up? She knew there was no such thing as the edge of the world, but in that moment as she wandered along the dimly lit streets of Hartland Virginia, she was willing to try and find it.

Nothing had felt the same as it had when she was a child - it hadn't in a very long time. She could remember being nervous of what lingered in the dark shadows of the trees, being terrified to be out after the street lamps came on. What went bump in the night was the most she had to be afraid of, to worry about. Even with all that was going on around her she had been able to avoid really understanding.

Now that wasn't an option. Now she was almost nineteen years old, with a child of her own. One that had come about in the most painful way she could possibly think of. Some days her memories hit her like waves and others they just wandered about the back of her mind where she was able to ignore them; but lately things were piling up and up until she felt as though a mountain was on her shoulders.

Walking in the darkness, alone, it didn't scare her anymore. The things that scared her were things she wished she didn't need to know about - things she should not have had to have the experience to even be concerned for, but alas she did. Narissa wanted nothing more than to know what it was like to be happy. To see her daughters smile, and know exactly what that feeling was.

She was delighted, and her heart was warmed by the toothless grin of her daughter, the soft touches of her tiny hands, but it...only lasted as long as it did, and then when she was alone, she was left hemming over the things that she could not change, and things that had not even happened yet but the concepts of them frightened her.

She should have been in her dorm, sleep, preparing for the next day of class, but the gentle cool breeze of the late fall beckoned her more than sleep did. It was only thirty more minutes to her mothers house, if she kept going, she could see her daughter for the first time that week, she could hold her, maybe get some sleep finally - but how long would it be like this?

Between struggling in class, only getting to see her daughter on the weekend, and getting her ex boyfriend to leave her alone when ever he came around, she wasn't sure when it would change.

She kicked at the ground as she stopped to idle near a yellow YIELD sign. The toe of her black combat boot scuffing against the midnight pavement of the road.

"What are you doing?" she mumbled.

It was midnight. She had trekked forty five minutes on foot to get to where she was; she either continued forward thirty more minutes, get to see her daughter and face the questions of her mother, or turn back around and walk another forty five minutes to campus and explain to the night guard why she was out so late.

Angelo sat on a bench located in the park not too far off. He was just relaxing for a moment and taking slow drags of his lit cigarrette. His dark eyes watched the street and suddenly his attention was caught a by a girl. What was she doing out this late? It most likely wasn't safe with all the pervs nowadays. The man slowly stood up, as he did so he quickly put his ciggerette out before walking a little closer to get a better look.

She was actually quite pretty, and she looked young, but he knew she had to at least be an adult. "Hello??" He called softly, eyes sparkling kindly, even though his personality wasn't really the nicest. He did have a soft heart under neath there somewheres when it came to the right type of person.

He shivered a bit and looked both ways before crossing over to her and tilting his head. "And why is such a beautiful lady like yourself out here so late??" He asked, genuinely curious, but hoping he didn't come off as creepy.

He threaded his long fingers through his thick, dark hair and looked around. There were a few homeless lads walking around, which was his reasoning for being so worried about the beautiful girl standing there in front of him.

Narx reached into the pocket of her puffy coat, fingers searching around for her pack of cigarettes and lighter. The late fall air was chilly; as she exhaled even without a cig, a plume of white fog surrounded her face. She pulled her gloves out of her pocket first and then shoved them into the other pocket, not feeling like putting them on as it was harder to smoke. She pulled the pack and her silver lighter out, removing a smoke from the pack, sliding it back into her pocket and then placing it between her lips. She stopped in the middle of the street to flip open the top of the lighter, run her thumb over the starter quickly and watch the flame light the tip.

She inhaled, watching the orange embers light up and then she closed her lighter and shoved it back into her pocket.

It was right then that she heard a masculine voice to the left; and she shoved her lighter back into her pocket, taking a drag of the cigarette and exhaling the smoke through her nose, keeping it inbetween her lips for just a moment before she finally held it down to the side.

"Uh, hi." She said. She turned just enough to eye the man up and down as he moved closer and spoke to her.

She licked at her lips for a moment, crossing one arm underneath the bust as her eyes darted from his head to his feet. She couldn't tell if she should be worried about him or not, but in that moment she wasn't.

"What's it to you?" Narissa asked the man. It wasn't like she wasn't allowed to be out that late. Technically she wasn't supposed to be wandering around campus so late, but she wasn't near campus and the city only had a curfew if you were underage. "I could ask you the same thing."

Her eyes darted over to watch a few other people in the distance shuffling around near a tree, likely a homeless person settling in to sleep and someone else who was walking a bike with a flat tire down the sidewalk.

She took another drag and blew the smoke out of the side of her lips.

"Ohh.. well its nothing to me... I just don't want to see a young lady like yourself getting hurt out here...never know whos wndering around but I'm sure you can take care of yourself just fine.." He said with a smile as he slowly looked her up and down. The man stuffed his hands into his pockets and bit his lip as he studied her under the dim street light.

"Where are you headed to anyways??" He asked curiously, suddenly realizing it sounded a little creepy for him to ask her that. He quickly shook his head, putting a hand up along with a smirk. "I don't mean for that to sound weird, but I could possibly call you a taxi, I will even pay.." He suggested with a small glint in his eyes as he watched her.

He himself had been out walking to clear his head from some stuff that was going on with his work. He was tired, overworked, amd hungry, but he wanted to help her if she actually needed. But if not, then he would at least try to walk with her until she got to wherever she needed to be, safe.

He looked at the cig she held between her fingers, reminding him that he was craving another. He slipped one out of the red pack and put it between his lips before lighting it up and taking a drag, inhaling the nicotine into his lungs.

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