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TW: gore, violence, general R rating

A slew of murders involving young children from as young as 10 and younger has rocked the city where you live. It's horrifying and awful and it makes you sick to your core... but it doesn't involve you. You go about your day, going to school, going to work and picking up your little sibling from school, hearing about a new murder each day. It's just the way life goes. What's on the news every night is nothing that will happen to you, right?

Your little sibling goes missing. After a day or two of panicked, frantic searching, they're the next one to turn up dead. You're wracked with grief. The investigation trail goes cold only after a few weeks. Your little sibling is the last one to die before the killer all but vanishes without a trace.

A month later, you receive an email. A no-reply address. The Butchers still live. Help us hunt them down. Then, a set of coordinates. You close your laptop then and there, moving with purpose to the location. What will you find there? Who else has received this email? Where will this path of revenge lead you?

Welcome to the game.

Hello, all! So this RP is, naturally, very serious. Despite the trigger warnings up above and the description of the plot, there's no harm coming to children in the actual roleplay. It's simply motivation for the characters to come together.

I will be playing the part of the GameMaster. She is not the actual orchestrator of the murders but has a personal stake in the search. She wants the people responsible hunted down, but being who she is, she can't do it herself. And so, she sets the Game up. Your characters and the murderers are the pieces, and the city is the chessboard. Someone is pulling things behind the scenes, and she's going to use your characters to find out what it is.

As the roleplay continues, more things will be revealed by way of the GameMaster and your characters' deductive skills. Eventually, you may find the answers, and the GM and your characters may get their revenge. Or not. It all depends on you.


Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Looking for 10 other players.

I'm interested can I join?

Sure! Waiting for more participants, though. I'm waiting on at least 3-4 more people, and then we can get started.

((I'm gonna use this guy, is that all right?))

He's fine. PM me a small description of why exactly Jack is interested in pursuing the killers and I'll keep a record of that for when the game starts.

I'm interested in joining.

Electric_Programer wrote:
I'm interested in joining.

Send me a PM of your character's motivations for joining the hunt for the murderers. Keep in mind that the story above is sort of a placeholder; it doesn't have to be your character's backstory.

I'm also interested!

I would join! Let me know if there are any spots :)

Still open! I'll shoot a PM to you guys if any of you are still interested.

I've never done a gruop RP before, but I'm interested in the prompt!

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Forums > Looking for RP > Welcome to the Game (unrelated to the video game)