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Forums > Art & Creativity > zombie/undead man for sale/trade

This character/design is for sale or trade.
Primarily made for the game Furcadia but does not have to be played there.

I will take PayPal, art, or another design/alt of equal (maybe slightly lesser) value.
$80 PayPal, or offer.

He comes with x10 uploaded ports, x4 unloaded, a lot of art, and a dream if wanted.
If you don't want the alt, Mordekhai, I can either keep it and simply not use it since I can't afford to remove 10 portraits and I don't log into furc. Or you can keep it and just not use it. Up to the new owner!

If interested or if anyone wants to discuss anything, please DM only.


You can view all his art and ports here. (A few NSFW images)
Idk how to organize sh*t on dropbox, sorry.


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Forums > Art & Creativity > zombie/undead man for sale/trade