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Look at your characters.

Now back at mine.

Now back at your characters.

Now back at mine.

Sadly, they aren't mine. But if they started being less awesome and more stupid, they could suck like mine.

Minimize the window. Now maximize it. Where are you? You're in a forum with the characters your characters could suck like.

Look at your profile. Now back at mine. What I have is a list with the characters for the thing you love. Look again. The characters are now plot ideas. Everything is possible when your characters are sucky and not awesome. all seriousness now, this is SeraphicStar, the crappiest arpeer around. However, I try hard. So don't hate me now.

I am very broad in my tastes, but also very picky. So yeah. Now gimme some love. I'm a person who doesn't know what to say in this kind of situations.

I'm on a forum.

Don't listen to him. He's a very competent roleplayer, and his characters are incredible. I have had the pleasure of being in a few arpees with him, and it's always fun to see what he puts up.

He's the resident Old Spice Guy <3


This wins most hilarious introduction yet. Even if it is full of lies about crappiness.

You are very welcome, SeraphicStar!

What does broad but very picky mean?

MONOCLE SMILE indeed, Cap'n. MONOCLE SMILE indeed.

So. To answer the first question I ever got here.


I enjoy all kinds of stuff - from a dramatic historical-based setting *winks at the Cap'n*, to a sci-fi setting with a plot based on action, including everything ending in -punk, High Fantasy, straight edge Fantasy (the kind that isn't High :P Get it?) Fandom Mixed Salads *winks at the Cap'n again*, Generic High School Stuffs (where I use my mega-obnoxious Bishie) and pretty much all you can think of.

HOWEVER, sometimes I just get picky and say NO, I SHALL NOT RUIN THIS ARPEE, and don't join. I can't tell you for sure what makes that little prick fly off the screen and lodge itself in my brain (entering by the ear, oh my!), making me not want to be part of it, but it usually happens when you can't mention the said arpee without using the word 'monotonous'.



I got carried away by my own words. Hope this answered your question.

Don't listen to Seraph's lies. It's not good for your health.
If you play with him, you will SWAN DIVE into the BEST RP OF YOUR LIFE!

Yus. He also has a lovely Post-Apoc character. Miss V is BADASS.

Oh, you two are too lovely.

Miss V: Making you her puppet since 1991.


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Forums > Introductions > Hello, ladies.