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(OOC: So this is a post apocolyptic RP where the whole world is covered in water and there is no land mass. The surviving "Humans" (This can include demi humans. Like fox people whatever, but mostly regular Humans) all live on giant floating ship cities that are like 30 different Ancient cargo ships built up over years. There are some Air ships, not many. If this post dies, it dies.)

Aven pulls the the ship's secondary engine into position. Linking the wires together he places the cover panel over the chasis and wipes his hands onto his tanktop. Climbing down from the engine he yells to a nearby Apprentice Mechanic

"HEY! We got this engine fixed, get the builder boy's to put it back on!.. Oh! And tell the Cap'n to not bloody burn it out again! It's hard to get replacement parts."

Saying so, he walks up some nearby metal stairs and out onto the deck, the expansive ship is covered in makeshift skyscrapers and buildings. Made out of a meriad of materials. Smaller and larger vessel are linked to eachother via Scafolding and rope bridges.

can I join as this character?

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Forums > Sci-Fi Roleplay Forum > Sea's of Aula