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((Hello! I had an idea, but this may take a while to pick up.

[Someone: situation]
[A time when your character had that happen] [Make up a situation for them that happens in the present]
[Make the next situation for the following person!]

I'll start...))

[Wind]: That moment when you want your favorite food... but it is out of stock at the store.

Laz looked at the wind current and simply stated that she always had that moment.

Shyly, she softly murmured... "T-That moment w-when you are s-so close... y-yet you ca-can't seem t-to reach i-it?" Finishing, she sat on the bench and waited for company...

Solvfrid actually smiled, a beatific one full of glee that she had not seen even on her last, auspicious birthday. Her brother lay senseless at her feet, but before she could leave, leaving it a mystery who had done it, her father's guards stormed in and she was forced to flee, having been exposed as the culprit of the curse.

Now, banishing the illusionary recreation of her past, she sat in exile on the shores of a far off lake, contemplating how to gain enough power to return and overthrow her father for good; she was seated, in fact, on the shore in front of the bench that Laz had chosen to rest upon. When she spoke, it was a soft sigh, barely audible--or it should have been. Her words carried her voice to whomever would answer next.

"That moment when fate seems determined to thwart your ambitions--so you must defy fate itself."

The spirit of adventure remembered the multitude of times heroes had been protected by prophecy, or when decreed that they would be destroyed. They'd yet to see a so called fate actually impede it more then anything else… at least, the fates constructed by humans. If the real fate was to end with them failing to regain their land, at the least, they would be forced to try every possible way of defeating fate. And that did sem to e the case, as they still haven't succeed yet… maybe it hasn't tried enough. Jeez, it's starting to sound like itself.

It sent a part of itself whisping off, thinking of a 'relatable' moment. Maybe…
"The moment of when… you experience great joy, but have a nawing feeling it will not last."
The dust would find the one to answer.

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Forums > Forum Games > That moment when... (IC)