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Glacerius's eyes fluttered open and she immediately, through grogginess, examined her surroundings. It didn't take her more than three seconds to realize... this wasn't home. It was not her home planet. She had no clue which planet she crashed on. She looked behind her in the rut to see the remains of a pod. The metal had been damaged and the glass cracked beyond repair. She lets out a sigh.

"Need to get back..." She said and climbed out of the rut. Her crystal-like skin was cracking but could be easily repaired by water. Her skin was ice and it was cold enough for the water to freeze and repair the cracks.

"Where... am... I?" She examined the environment and stopped as soon as she saw the weird red and blue flashing lights of something in particular. Several men in black uniforms scattered to the scene as the ice girl knelt by the bush. They seemed to be looking for her or the noise of the pod slamming into the ground. She had no energy to fight and no energy to fly herself away.

The police were just closing in on her position until the unthinkable happened...

Basically, going for either a DC Universe RP (she is a protagonist) or just a general sci-fi based RP on her. :) PM me the plot or character(s) if interested. Thanks for reading!

I could definately have an interest in running something like this as a sci fi, I'm not big into the DC/marvel or superhero deal thou

Sci-fi works too :P her origins was just DC-inspired. It's fine if it has nothing to do with superheroes or such.

I'll PM you and you an tell me more :)

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Forums > Sci-Fi Roleplay Forum > The Icy Journey Back Home [PM]