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Hey all!

As the title suggests, myself and my current rp partners are looking for female member or members to join us in a Skype based RP, following an original story and setting within the Witcher universe.
We’re looking for a final partner to join our rp, preferably who is creative, has an interest in high fantasy in general and in the Witcher universe itself, although the latter is not a solid requirement, just that it would give you an advantage in starting. We are looking for a female to balance out our group, seeing as we currently have three guys and one girl, and although we all write for male and female characters alike, there are already a large number of female characters and of course, room for more. If there is enough interest we’d consider more than one rper.
We would just like to request as well that if interested, you’d be available for regular RP and committed. Unfortunately we’ve had some flakey people join us before who never even made a single post before completely disappearing, so we’d really like to avoid that as much as possible. To clarify, we wouldn’t expect you to be active 24/7, as all of us have jobs and lives etc, but just to be able to stick around and at least let us know if something comes up.

We have a fully furnished wiki, which includes many already established plots and original as well as canon characters, although we would not be adverse to more original concepts and characters. Although the rp is following the Witcher, as with the books and games, there is much more to it than just combat, so even those not familiar with combat rp would find plenty to do.
The link to our wiki is below:

'Set in the year 1302, The Witcher: Rising flames take place thirty years after the Wild Hunt was finally defeated and Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon sacrificed herself to stop the White Frost from consuming the world. The Witcher caste has been revived due to a much needed influx of new monster slayers, the newest conjunction of the spheres having trapped an array of more dangerous creatures than ever in the world. With new heroes of might and magic spanning the continent, the world stands protected. But all is not well; although expansive, Nilfgaard's rule is still opposed by those who seek justice and liberty for the past and civil wars loom on the horizon, whilst old enemies lurk in the shadows, bent on retaliation. The world begins to unravel once again, leaving it open to any to lay claim to it......'

There is a lot to cover but we would love to hear from anyone who would be interested in a long-term fantasy rp. We are all very friendly and accommodating people and love to have a laugh aside from creating the rp. We try and post regularly, although we are very understanding that life always comes first. We also rp as a group, in one on one settings and also do solo rps, so there's always plenty going on, so please don’t hesitate to reply to the thread and/or send a message if any of this peaks your interest!
Also to be clear, we would appreciate that any responses are from those 18 or over.
Hope to hear from you soon!

James, Yuki, Path and Reece


Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred. Looking for 1 other player.

Hey! I just saw this post and i'd be fully interested in this. If you want to add me on Skype, you acn add me at Vivienne McNootz or on Discord at 💗ValgerdMcNootz💗#9612

Hello, I'd be up for doing this! I haven't really done a lot of role-plays, and most of the time it was just me and one other, but I'm a pretty quick learner. If you guys are still in need for an RP'er, I'd be totally up for it!

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Forums > Looking for RP > Witcher RP - Female RPer Wanted!