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So many focus on the war the rebels and the empire fight non-stop but there are many things that are either covered up or happen behind closed doors on both ends so will you choose a side? will you work for yourself? Or will you find or possibly even create a third major option? (The rp can start at mos eisly on tattooine but I am flexible to starting location)


Ha lol so ur gonna be an imperial then? If so then can u plz specify ur rank

Sure, I can be an officer or pilot. Preferably an officer, although I've flown a twin ion engine fighter countless times in videogames.

((Ok so would you be an officer in the army or the navy? And I still would like specification of ur rank))

I guess officer, maybe squad leader or perhaps a strategist. My rank would be around captain.)

Ok well a squad leader would be a sgt. but I’m gonna guess u would be an army officer then?

Sure, I can do that.)

((Ok well you’d have to play the roles of a few stormtroopers and what not if u wanted to start now just an FYI))

Okay, I can play a squad. A bit of a micromanagement thing, but I suppose I could pull it off.)

((Yea I only ask cuz it doesn’t make sense to just have a captain walking around without protection ya know?))

(True, I mean in any army you want to keep your officers alive. You need leadership.)

(( yea exactly so if ur ok with the setting on mos eisly u can start ))

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Forums > Sci-Fi Roleplay Forum > Galactic civil war RP (open)