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Greeting yet again, fair traveler; I, Arun-Ja, once more serve as narrator for a tale beyond my existence, far into the future of your world; the path of Destiny.

For countless generations since the Collapse, humanity has been challenged for its survival within a ruthless aftermath; Fallen Houses, Cabal legions, Vex Collectives, Hive Cults, and the everpresent Darkness behind them all in some way. Now with the Scorned, The Taken, the Vexo experiments, and the growing influence of Darkness, the Warlock Pyre-5 has begun to gather the strength he has to combat Thyrkeon, Concious Mind, who preformed profane experiments upon him and other Exos, which led to the Vexo’s creation and deployment. He now seeks to end the threat presented by the rogue Vex Mind before it sees fit to attack the Last City and, ultimately, the Traveler itself. Can you answer the call given, Guardians?

Same rules for all roleplays apply here.

Ray gun

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, one-off scene. Looking for 4 other players.

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Forums > Looking for RP > Secrets of the Light