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This roleplay will contain the following:
-Alcohol Abuse
-Triggering Family Issues
-Sensual Scenes
-Possible Gorey Details

If you are uncomfortable with any of these topics, I advise you do not continue any farther.

Character 1: My Character

I will be using my character, Ian Port. He'll be playing the role of the outcast. He'll be bullied and picked on... and, changing his background a little bit, will be living with his abusive mother. He doesn't have a good home life and doesn't seem to make good choices, either. He has a bad attitude towards everyone and seems to belittle almost everyone he encounters. He goes through depressive states and will often show up with self-inflicted wounds, not to mention some of the bruises from being hit numerously by his mother for not being a 'perfect son', as she would put it.

Character 2: Your Character

You will use a character of you're choosing. This character will be the classic rich kid. They're successful and are seemingly good at everything. He's the football team's star quarterback and manages to keep good grades. Both men and women loose themselves in his presence and he's often praised. There's close to no one, as you'll find, who hates him. However, his home life isn't quite the same. He's often dragged to his parents social gatherings and parties, constantly being pushed to do even better than what he does now. His stress will get the better of him and will often make a few bad choices which often lead into numerous one night stands, he hides behind a mask, not showing how he really feels.

The two characters have known each other since freshmen year, it now being senior year, they've both grown to despise one-another. Character 1(my character) hates character 2(your character) for being too 'cocky' and often calls him a 'prick'. Character 1(my character) is probably the only person in the entire high school who actually despises the guy. Character 2(your character) hates character 1(my character) for his bad attitude. Whenever the two do run into one another, it usually ends up in character 1(my character) walking away with the last word, him not wanting to stay for long.

At the start of every school year, there's a school bonfire that typically, all the juniors and seniors go. Now, character 1 had managed to make one 'friend'... More like a person who can actually tolerate him. Unfortunately, much to character 1's dismay, this 'friend' had dragged him to the bonfire. He said it was because he thought he should get out more, but character 1 knew what his true intentions were. He just wanted to get into someone's pants.

The place that the bonfire was being held at... was character 2's beach house. Music was blasting, alcohol could be smelled on almost everyone... Character 1 was only a few drinks in when he decided to look for the restroom and had ended up stumbling in on character 2's bedroom. His curiosity getting the better of him, he decided to take a look. However... just as he was about to leave and go do what he had even come upstairs for, character 2 had walked in. Now, character 2 hadn't noticed that character 1 was in the room... and seemed to be having a break down. His normal, cool composure had shattered and he seemed to be on the brink of tears.

Once character 2 regained himself, he finally saw character 1.

"What the hell are you doing in here?!"

"I was looking for the restroom."

"Whatever you saw, it was nothing."

"What, is the little baby scared?"

Moments later, character 2 was right in front of character 1. He pressed character 1 against the wall that wasn't too far from where they were standing and pressed his lips to character 1's neck---

Where will this encounter lead them?

Hey, guys! As you can see, I'm looking to get into a MxM rp. I don't ask for much, just at least some decent grammar and a good paragraph with each response, that's all!

I hope this interests someone out there and I look forward to a soon-to-come roleplay!

Auf wiedersehen!


Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Looking for 1 other player.

I love the plot of this! Angst is one of my favourite things to role-play and I think my character Caleb would be perfect for this role, since his backstory is already scarily close to what you described. Feel free to check out his profile and let me know if you would like to role-play so I can message you. I look forward to it.

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