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My (wip) character,Penny, is a young adult in the exploring world. She had fun in college with her friends:going to parties,road-trips,and even a drink once in a while. Later it came to a point in life where she say all her friends get married,except for her. It made her depressed. One day,she decided to rise from the turmoil and do something about it. Too be she has bad communication skills. She now tries to fall in love and have a family to feel like she has purpose once more.

What I hope for:
Long term rp
A husband ((Can be wife)Who actually loves her)
Children! (many as possible!)


Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred.


Oh thank so much!

Im In!

I’m interested!

Do you two want share the same roleplay?

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Forums > Looking for RP > Family starter?