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Woof! I've gotten a little bored lately so I've decided to open a new roleplay!

Your character is an AI (Or Researcher) who has managed to recover an Anthropomorphic Wolf that was deep within the Forest, you managed to get him to a hidden facility as he slowly begins to wake up within a small white room and he can't remember how he got there, he eventually wakes up and looks around the room "H-Hello?"

I'm okay with most characters! I would really like to Roleplay this prompt! Feel free to DM me if you're intrested!

I prefer Semi-Literate individuals, with Paragraphs, I am alright with One-Liners, but do not prefer them.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Looking for 1 other player.

Moderators: Cass, Copper_Dragon, SeraphicStar, Ben, Darth_Angelus

Forums > Looking for RP > Looking for a RP partner!