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This idea is based off of Cemetery Drive by My Chemical Romance

It's been a year since (y/c's) Death, being shot in a museum bathroom floor while drinking red wine with a man she has known since her school days. She has begun to start a secret relationship with him behind her husbands back. It had also been a year since (Y/C) has lived as a supernatural being. Raised by the god of vampires. (M/C) Is still completely distraught from this incident, loosing the person he once might of loved, Causing him PTSD from it, and the fear of museums and complete isolation. He hated the word Sorry, and Lucky. Because he wasn't lucky. It was his fault anyway, he had the idea to drink in the bathroom with her.. Resulting in her bloody death.

Though (y/c) isn't as peachy as she might seem. She had a husband, two wonderful kids. But she also had plans to manipulate (m/c's) mind into doing anything for her. But over the year of watching over him from afar. (y/c) begins to realize that She wants him back. And she will do anything to get to him, Even if it means biting his neck.

Hello friendos, I was revisited my emo days and listening to some good ol' my chemical romance (I love them.) And kind of had this idea to go along with it.

Could-be Manipulation.

My character is straight! and i'm looking for a female to play the role of his beloved vampire.

I have a few rules! please follow them!
-Must be Romance.
-One paragraph atleast, please.

Message me please if you want more clarification! Or just want to rp!

Discord is: Jade#1392

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred. Looking for 1 other player.

Hello! Your idea is super cool btw!//

Um, wanna rp?//

Sure I would

I'm straight and likes romance roleplays

Also vampires

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Forums > Looking for RP > They Found You On The Bathroom Floor.