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Current Status: OPEN

Hey everyone! I'm available for commissions if anyone is interested! Please check out my rules and terms for more details before filling out my order form and contacting me.

Commission Rules and Terms
•Please read my Do's and Don'ts List before ordering from me.

•These are for personal use only (ex. websites, avatars, headers, non-commercial print, etc.). You may not claim my work as your own, remove my signature, edit without my permission, or redistribute for retail and/or commercial purposes. I do not have commercial commissions open at this time.

•At least one visual reference of your character(s) is required. Written descriptions are not doable, sorry.

•I reserve the right to refuse a commission, and I do not offer waiting lists for paid work. If I feel that I am unable to handle your order(s) for any reason, I will let you know via PMs.

•I accept payments via Paypal only: half upfront, and half after you finalize the flat colors (or finished product when it comes to colored sketches).

•I do not give full refunds unless: a.) I am unable to finish your commission due to life reasons, or b.) I haven't started on your commission yet. Asking for refunds during the drawing process will net you a 50% refund.

•Deadlines are variable; I can't give a proper time frame unless I am confident that your order can be finished quickly and efficiently. However, I can promise that most art will be done in as timely a manner as possible. Overall, please be patient with me; unless I give a deadline, please don't harass me for one. Offenders who break this rule three times will see their commission(s) cancelled with no refund.

•Two to three WIPs will be given at the posing, final sketch, and/or flats process; changes can be made during the posing and final sketch phases. After you receive the final product, I refuse to do any major changes. Minor revisions will be subject to a small fee.

•You can place your finished piece(s) on RPR or repost on DeviantArt/other sites, as long as you credit me and link back to my DeviantArt and RPR. I reserve the right to upload any finished works and WIPs to my DeviantArt, RPR, and any other affiliated social media accounts under my name and ownership. If you want a private commission, please notify me in your order form.

Now that the legal jargon is out of the way, onto the prices!
Commission Options (Price Per Character)

Colored Sketches
Chibi/SD: $3.00
Headshots: $5.00
Waist-Up: $7.00
Fullbody: $10.00

Examples: 7bad9aec42641c4c6b8cc588b5e620331eee87992b77a8fccbb78935df01630d.pngclaine_art_trade_no_background_by_lightside_lucree_dd5psss-pre.png

Flat Colors
Chibi/SD: $5.00
Headshots: $8.00
Waist-Up: $10.00
Fullbody: $12.00

Examples: oc__snuggle_times__by_lightside_lucree_dbjmyey-pre.png oc__nire_headshot_by_lightside_lucree_db5q2iy-pre.jpg

Fully Shaded
Chibi/SD: $7.00
Headshot: $10.00
Waist-Up: $12.00
Fullbody: $16.00

Examples: 2182cfd89caa95ae11edca2172d2532a262a925cc863c87478d9a69e076e5992.png fd269325c30d2e1c4c90f334c6e2d1625fc11accc6baeecaaea5370c0740e3b6.png

Commission Extras and Add-Ons
Extra Characters (up to three): ½ base price per character
Highly Detailed Characters: up to $2.00
Complex Background: $5.00
Transparent/Two-Tone Background: Free!
If this looks good to you, then fill out the Commission Order Form below and send it via PMs. Be sure to mark it as a commission order in the title field, or I might not get to you. For multiple orders, fill out the form for each separate commission and send it in one note.

Commission Order Form

Paypal Email Address:
Waist Up, Headshot, or Full Body?:
Style Wanted (ex. Colored Sketch):
Any Commission Extras Wanted?:
How Many Characters?:
Character References:
Pose References:
Extra References:

Other Notes/Important Information?:
I'm also open for doing requests. I reserve the right to refuse a request, similar to my commissions. These aren't first come, first serve, as I will be choosing based on a variety of factors. However, requests will have a short waiting list before closing. I will not give WIP screenshots of these, and styles/posing will be variable; you might get a simple colored sketch chibi or a shaded and rendered full body piece!

Commissions will always take higher priority, so you might be waiting a while depending on my queue and other factors. If you're interested in one, just post in this thread using the following form.

Character Name:
Visual References:
Desired Mood in Two Words:
Any Other Details:
I can only take three commissions/requests at a time, so once my list is full, I have to close until I'm finished with the current batch!

Working List:
1. Open
2. Open
3. Open

Request Waiting List:
1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
4. Open

I'm also open for a request or two! The Master Post has been updated with new request rules, and recent colored sketch artwork.

Update: Changed my prices, and edited my Do's and Don'ts list! I'm still very much open for requests as well!

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