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In the first era of Tamriel, the Ayleid people were at war with the Alessian Empire after years of being clients of the uprising rebellion of Saint Alessia. From city to city, devastation and death came and departed swiftly, leaving nothing but corpses and ruins of a once proud race of elves. Only a few cities remained, but they were next in this seemingly endless nightmare. Laylorian Dyanar, the last of the Ayleid Kings, fled from his city of Nenalata, along with his most faithful, but even so, those foolish enough to remain were slaughtered without remorse. In another city, one forgotten by the people of Cyrodiil, a Priestess-Queen of Merid-Nunda called upon their patron to preserve them from destruction, only to be taken away as her city was swept away in a tide of blood. In recent years, a refugee Blade called Xeemus rediscovered the ruin in an attempt to find an ancient Sorcerer-King lost to history. He and his son, Neemus, discovered what was left behind of the once-great empire, along with the story of the one referred to as “Illumia” in the Ayleid texts. Now, an Imperial envoy has been sent to explore this ruin, to better understand its history and discover any valuable artifacts to return to the Emperor. From a lack of money, to a price over your head, or even a thirst for adventure, the Imperial Collection Society has called on you to aid in this endevour. Care to join?

Degaro'do had received word of this expedition by courier, a tired man who had found him on the road, riding a horse that seemed positively exhausted. Evidently Degaro'do's transient behavior made him difficult to track down in a timely manner. He accepted the missive, and bid the courier sit at the camp he'd erected for the night, and recover some from his endeavor. Reading it over, Degaro'do was most intrigued. An Ayleid city that had been lost to time. What wonders could it hold, what secrets might lay hidden within, what horrors might be encountered? Degaro'do rolled up the parchmet and stowed it in his supply satchel, resolving to make his way to the meeting place at first light. Hours later the courier had rested, eaten some, and gone on his way, and Degaro'do had gotten a good night's sleep. He then packed up and mounted his horse, making haste towards the rendezvous. He would arrive in short order, dismounting at he came to the designated spot and looking around for his contact. Whoever they were, they would surely spot him before he spotted them, his shining gold armor would ensure that, as well as the fact that he was one of a relative handful of Khajiit in Cyrodiil.

The sorcerer has already gone into the first chamber of the city, lit with the starlight undimmed in crystals of the sky; he had always appreciated these sort of adventures, especially those in the ancient cities of a long gone elven race. Before him, a large door loomed, sealed by the magics already in place. By some strange factor, the runes on the door, while in Ayleidoon, spoke vaguely on what lay beneath the white stone; a creature of some sort, perhaps a dragon, but other than this, the writing varied between Ayleid spells and Alessian warnings written in a later age. Another thing that struck him was that he knew this wasn’t the city of Illumia, the Lost Queen; in fact, it wasn’t even a city of Meridia. It seemed to be one following the worship of either Molag Bal or Mehrunes Dagon, neither of which meant anything good for those who delved beneath when he did get these doors open.

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Forums > Fantasy Roleplay Forum > Secrets of the Ayleids (Closed)