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: Kira was walking down the alleyway near her school. A pile of books in one arm, cradling them against her hip. Her other hand was busy fiddling with a scythe charm attached to her bag, her fingers caressing the blade shape of it over and over. She Looked up towards the sky in deep thought about how it was the first day and she was already attracting trouble

- EARLIER TODAY – A group of girls walked up to her as she was sitting under a tree in the courtyard. The girls lashed insults at her but honestly it was all white noise. Easily tuned out until one of the girls touched her. First shoving her and then grabbing her shoulder. That’s when Kira took the girl’s arm and twisting it up against her back until she cried. A crowd gathered, screaming “fight! fight! fight!” Kira Ignored the crowd, her focus on her whimpering victim, she leaned in and whispered something into the girl’s ear, completely inaudible to everyone around them and then threw the girl to the ground, glancing down at her coldly, before walking away. Off in the distance, she heard one of the Narks (school supervisors) blow their whistle and run towards the crowd but Kira was saved by the bell and the crowd of dispersing students helped shield her departure. She was sure she’ll be called in tomorrow but for now, she’ll just enjoy the silence, besides she didn’t live on campus, Only a short distance from the school itself.

Now she was in the alley and it didn’t take very long for that same group of girls to come up from behind her. The girl from the confrontation earlier was lingering behind, holding her arm and was pleading to the other girls “Just drop it! I’m Fine...” A taller girl in the group was snarling back at her “No! This little bitch needs to be put in her place...” The girls jumped Kira and Kira’s books went flying, luckily one of the sharp corners of her large history book hit a girl on the bridge of her nose and blood started gushing down their face. Kira was punched in the back of the head and stomach, causing her to fall down to the ground where she was kicked repeatedly. Until Kira pulled out a pencil that was hidden in her sleeve and jabbed it into the taller girl’s leg and snapped it off. The girl screamed and they all backed away in horror. They quickly grabbed their hurt friends and quickly walked them down the alley to whatever medical facility was nearby and Kira was laying there in the middle of the alley, looking up at the sky. A busted lip and a black eye. Dirty shoe prints all over her clothing and a pounding, ringing in her head that just wouldn’t stop. She was just going to lay there a little while until she found the will to get up:::

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Forums > Fantasy Roleplay Forum > Misfit high - A school for troubled teens