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Peter parker is the famous Spiderman. Everyone loves him and when he is home he has a Aunt May that loves and care for him. HE thought he knew everything about his family but there was one secret that his aunt hadn't told him about yet. One day he was was walking to school when he saw alittle girl on her way to the school. she had some worn out clothing and a old beat up backpack clearly from the orphanage but there was something different....she looked almost like him. Soon he found an old photo album where he find the picture of his mom and dad before they died holding him and his little sister

please message below if you would like to play


Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Looking for 1 other player.

i will be playing as Elena Parker

also elena is shy and very very very small

Question; did you need a villain by chance? I have at least three that could qualify; Thyrkeon, Retribution, and Nathan (possibly).

yes i do need a villain lol Any of them would actually work but first i need someone to play peter

* hums a song while waiting*

Peter parker at your service.

YAY!!!!!! Pm me!!!!!!

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Forums > Looking for RP > Peter Parker finds Elena