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Thou walks over to Daniel and says-"So Daniel, are you brave, or foolish?"-he reaches his hand out to Daniel.Suddenly, a few people jumped up from their seats, and started running towards Thou.He quickly looked around, then back to Daniel.
"If you grab my hand, there's no turning back."-said Thou smiling.

The question surprised him a little. He answered in a very quiet tone, to silent to be heard by anyone: "Foolish."
He sent a message to the rest of his team:
Mission report - Daniel Jensen.
Infiltrating Sinner's Light as Daniel Kobayashi.
Current weapon : 9mm with regular and electric ammo.
Further information - No going back guys. We get the opportunity to make the agency get national-scale contracts, so don't mess around.
"T. Well, at least I won't have too much trouble remembering that. " he said on a light tone, as he shaked the man's hand.

As Daniel shaked his hand, Thou grabbed it and quickly rushed out of the bar with him.As they looked around outside, they saw 3 policemen fastly approaching them.Somebody must have called the cops out."Run or fight?"- said Thou looking at Daniel.

"Run, no point in wasting time and energy on them!" he answered as he rushed towards an exit, confident enough T's knowledge of the city and his leg augments would be more than sufficient to get away without any bloodshed.

"Let's go !"-the policemen came from the right side, so they went left.Then, the bar guy started chasing them too.Daniel and Thou crossed the street, then qickly turned right.This was an alley, with a fence.Thou started climbing the fence.

rolled 1d20 and got 5

Daniel followed, trying to map the city. Without even a look behind, he begun climbing the fence, and mentally prepared to fight if their pursuers caught up.

rolled 1d20 and got 16

Thou grabbed the fence, and started to climb. It was a steel fence. As he was climbing ,he accidentally got stabbed with a hanging steel wire.People in this day and age of humanity, are resistent to infections from rust and metal wounds, so he will be alright. Except he fell down. The enemy was approaching rapidly. Thou could hear them clearly.

Daniel was nearly on top of the fence when he saw T fall. He slid back down, careful not to hurt himself, and prepared for fighting by taking a quick look at the approaching policemen.
"Your legs are ok?" he asked T.

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