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I’m not sure, but I haven’t seen any mention of fandom roleplay in the rules. Are all the characters here supposed to be OCs, or am I being dumb?

they can be ma'm oc are optional

i should stop trying to mimic how six acts in reach but as i said earlier if you don't want to use a oc then you don't have too OC's are optional

Fandoms are totally okay to RP! As with everything else on the site, please ensure you have the right to use everything you upload -- including characters that belong to other people and/or companies. If that checks out then you're good to go!

Some authors, creators or companies don't want their characters to be used in fanfiction of any kind, and you need to ensure to follow their wishes. Most fandoms however are usually fine as long as you don't claim to own their resources. :)

Thank you guys!

glad i could help!

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Forums > Help > Fandom