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Lyca was tired.Tired of being cut open.Tired of being forced to fight.They know he still useful for many uses,including his unique transformation whenever the sun goes up and down.He hears the door open and doesn't doing anything.He already knows that prolonging the way to the 'bloodied table' was only going to extend the time he was going to get.The guard that was carrying him,banged him in the head,trying to get a reaction.Lyca didn't move nor made sound,as he proceed to get beaten by the guard.He started to wonder.How many times did he go through this?How many times must he suffer?Apparently,the guard must of gotten the thought,as he carried Lyca near a red barrel.His green eyes look at it,then guard as he prepared to use magic on him.He thought of an idea,and though either this works and he's free,or it doesn't and they use magic to prolong his pain.As the blue bolt was shot,Lyca banged his head on a shelf,letting more red barrels fall before running out a window.An explosion and flames covered the whole facility,but he didn't care.He ran away,but not for long.He fell down and look around for anywhere to hide.He found a cave and he slowed limped there.Once in the cave,he fell down behind a rock.Soon his breathing slowed down,and after that, fell unconscious

((Wondering if this is an open rp, or if there's anywhere i have to go to sign up.))

((It is open))

((Alrighty. I can't post right now, but i will later.))


It sensed a prescence invading his cave, rising from the floor to observe the creature that has entered it's home. It looked like a tall, hooded figure wearing black robes. Fog and mist floated around it, while ghostly flames flowed from one twisted image into another, detailing the way it had died, but moving too quickly to be made sense of. It stood over the wounded creature, sensing his life force slowly flowing away. It was silent for a moment, simply watching, before a slight flash of emotion entered it's tortured mind, prompting it to save the poor animal. It placed a skeletal hand over the creature, a greenish energy flowing through it's arm and in to Lyca, healing the worst of his wounds, but leaving behind a few lasting scars.

Lyca would soon wake up,and see that most of his wounds are healed.He would look up and see a skeleton.He would back up quickly before hitting on of the cave walls.He continued to looked at the unknown creature,and starts to visible shake.He felt his flames,which was hotter than anything he ever felt.His mind was captured by the fact that something this existed,and could kill if it wanted to.He would stand his ground,if he need to fight,but even he felt like this creature was out of his league.

It simply stared at him, wisps of smoke flowing from Lyca and back to it, as it's form solidified and gained more definition. It then turned and floated deeper into the cave, brushing a charred skeletal hand across a wall as it went, leaving a trail of soot that disappeared a few moments afterwards. It reached a burnt pillar of wood sticking out of the ground, looking at it for a moment before sinking back into the ground, leaving behind soot and charcoal in the shape of a skull.

Lyca would look at the creature.The creature scared him for life.Out all the moment of being beaten,cut,and flambe.But this,this would make him throw up,and he did.Well,after he walked out.He didn't want to me the creature that probably kill him,and he didn't want to get on the creature bad side,granted if he was on his bad side.

It watched him leave from the shadows where it couldn't be seen, another tang of emotion pulsing through it, a rare occurence by itself, and twice in the same day? It decided that the strange animal had something to do with it. It wished that it was able to follow him, but was unable to go too far away from it's grave marker, which was placed deep within the cave. It had tried to move the marker before, but couldn't interact with inanimate objects.

Lyca came back,panting after throwing up for 2 minutes.He saw the creature and wonder why didn't it follow him.He was still afraid of it however,and stayed far away from it.He figured that either something was keeping it away from leaving or t couldn't leave while the sun was out.His fear of it keep him awake,even when he wanted to sleep.

It watched his scared reaction, eventually realising that it was the cause of him being afraid. It headed back into the cave, coming out a few minutes later. It was now much more human-looking, appearing as a normal man, with the exception of ethereal flames constantly whirling over and around it's body.

Lyca looked at the spirit go away and he started to calm down.He felt like sleeping but decide to stay awake.However,he couldn't keep that for long as his eyelids closed.He fell sideways,and his breathing slowed.Soon though,he started growling and tried to bite,like he was fighting an invisible foe.

It looked at his collapse, shedding the form and returning to it's skeletal self, manipulating spiritual energy to bring Lyca into the cave, setting him on a stone with a slight green glow that would slowly heal him. It then floated away, leaving him to his slumber.

As soon as Lyca woke up,he realized that he wasn't at the mouth of the cave.He was near a green rock.Which made him feel light and good.He got and nudged with the rock with his stout.Then decide to play with the rock.He picked it and threw it,bit it,and did the same process all over again.

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