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Ten year's later...

In a modest-sized sailboat surrounded by the vast sea housed a middle-aged man in search of a fabled demon and his cursed crew of pirates. He had heard stories and rumors that there was a demon who could grant you any desire but not without a hefty price. Everything was a bargaining chip whether it is men, women, money, memories or even your soul.

The man knew he was trespassing on dangerous territory here, but if he could convince this demon to help him with his ambitious goal then his hidden plan was sure to succeed. He was a clever nobleman with plenty of tricks up his sleeve and due to his wealth, he could get his hands on a lot of things. However, if this demon doesn't take the bait then he would most likely end up dead or even worse so he would have to think carefully.

The man was outside the ship in deep thought as he pondered of his plan, he leaned forward on the ship railing and stroked his grey beard. He paid plenty of gold to hire this ship and crew and for the past few days, they haven't been able to find any trace of the demon's ship. He inhaled the scent of the sea and sighed, maybe he was getting desperate.

He continued to think about what to do next until his thoughts were interrupted by the loud sound of approaching footsteps.

"Prime Minister, we found something!"

"Yes, yes, what is it?" The man turned around to face whoever was calling him, arms crossed and ready to listen.

The crewman took a breath and wiped his forehead, "the Captain discovered a peculiar ship tailing us from behind, they might have located the pirates!"

The Prime Minister's eyes widened and he dropped his arms to his side, finally, his plan was coming to fruition. The man walked up to the crewman and placed a hand on the young lad's shoulder his eyes were a mixture of excitement and seriousness.

"Tell the Captain to get the gold and bring everyone into the brig, tell the others to be calm as to not show hostility. We need to appear to have let our guard down so they don't think we are in any shape a threat!"

The crewman nodded and ran off to tell his superior, the crew came to the brig as ordered bringing two large chests of gold along with a few slaves. They waited patiently for the pirate ship to come which wasn't long and once the boat was close enough they crew placed a wooden plank to the to connect the two ships.

The pirates we're ready to storm the boat like a pack of wolves, but took notice of the clearly strange behavior. They seemed a little hesitant to raid the boat since the one being pillaged usually doesn't invite the pillagers with open arms. Something was really off here and they didn't like it one bit.

The Prime Minister stepped in front of his crew, his posture gave off a diplomatic and confident approach, with a calm tone of voice he asked, "Where is your captain?"

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