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Godzilla was sleeping in the bottom of the ocean.For him,it been peaceful,feeding of the geothermal energy the vents give off whenever he wanted to.The humans never really noticed him,granted he was sleeping for God knows how long.He sensed that the other titans were still asleep...but still.Nothing really woke HIM up,unless something was wrong.He decide to swim,using his tail like a crocodile to propel him through the water.His dorsal fins were sharp and straight,and they were the first thing to break through the water surface.Bet the humans are going to sense me nowHe then dived back,his gills giving him oxygen under the war

He was near Diablo Canyon,sensing the radiation coming from the plant.He halted to a stop,before rising out the sea.He towered over the nuclear plant,looking at it with hunger in his eyes.

People were evacuating, and Clyde barely learned how to work his giant robot. As the cities went empty, the Reaper stomped through the street, looking at it. "Yeah... we have a giant dinosaur eyeing the energy plant. I'll get its attention" he pressed a button and a robot said. "Launching explosive ordanance" and shooting a cluster of rockets at Godzilla. "Get me back up ASAP, this fella looks like it will put up a fight"

The missiles hit Godzilla,and the roar released was full of pain.He look to the side,and saw a massive robot near his size.The dorsal plates on his back,his eyes and gill glowed a bright blue as an intimidation act.This was his only method to tell other to stand down,before he had to initiate a fight.Looking at the robot,it seemed to out class him mobility,probably matched in strength and firepower.However,due to his experience,he knows not to underestimate an opponent.

He moved the robot closer, preparing the Trench Gun (twin-barrel automatic shotgun) strapped to its side "Come on, fella" he prepared it's scythe and got closer by the second. "I want an ETA on reinforcements, maybe a bombing run, too" he said over the com

Seeing on how the machine was going to stop,Godzilla turned slowly,and roared so loud that he could be heard from 2 miles away.Godzilla leaned forward and charged at the machine.Once he got reached,he bit down on the shoulder unit,his jaws crushing the metal, and using his weight compared to it,before pushing it back

The armor around it shocked it as he bit the suit. HE put the gun to the monster's stomach and shot it, hopefully ripping open it's stomach while he used the scythe to be set free.

Godzilla felt the gun and blast into his chest.He hit the mech a good distance away,before looking at his own wounds.Luckily there was not that much damage,but he made a mental note not to attack a close distance.

"Launching acidic ordanace" said the mech as it shot missiles that dissolve into a material, even skin. He stayed a far distance from it

Godzilla,not trusting the missile proceed to dodge the missile,and seeing that it had a melting effect,he was glad that he did.He looked at the machine before roaring at it.

He fired more shells at it, charging with its scythe. "Can I get an ETA, please?"

Godzilla decide to use his tail ,swinging it around full force,smashing it against the machine.Then his tail dorsal plates,started glowing a bright blue,and started following up to his back dorsal plate.He then breathe a bluish flame out of his mouth,burning and melting most of the chasis.

"Yeah, I really need backup, my central core is exposed," he said, again. Did his comms even work? He drove the scythe through its neck and turned on the drill feature inside its drill to cut through

Godzilla got stabbed in the gills,which really hurts him,like a lot.What made it worse is that it started drilling into his gill even further.Godzilla,taking enough,manage to charge his breath once more,burning the mech even more,and pushing it back.He stumbled a bit,breathing heavily.

The comms seemed to be stupid, so Clyde just soloed it out, and shot a large barrage of missile, of both explosive and acidic.

He was yet again hit,by all the missiles.He felt his scales and dorsal plates melt.He roared at the machine,with all the anger he could voice.He decided to shoot his atomic breath one for time,before going back into the ocean.If the machine was there,then it would be anywhere else to attack him from getting his radiation.He needed it due to all the energy after that little brawl.

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