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Zero stood on a balcony looking over the inside of the warehouse that he and his dysfunctional family lived in. The family was a gang that was put together by himself and his twin brother, Ace. At the time they were thirteen. Yeah, they had been extremely young but, necessities called for the brothers to create a group that could stand together and keep other people and gangs from outright attacking and possibly killing them.

Now over ten years later they were the top gang in the area, feared and respected by all below them. Luckily neither brother had any intentions of using that power to crush everyone underfoot. No, they were happy being at the top and making sure to keep the peace with the other gangs. While they could be ruthless they weren't the type to go out of their way to start a fight.

"You look annoyed, brother mine," a voice chirped from just below him.
Chocolate eyes glanced down with a 'what do you take me for' sort of face, "You can read minds. You tell me."
With a huff, the caramel eyed male climbed the rest of the way up and came to stand before his twin. "While that may be true I do like hearing people say what they are thinking... Gives me a sorta... sense of 'normal'. I suppose," Ace offered with a tired shrug.

For Ace Shoto, his abilities were a curse- then again if people knew the extent of his or Zeros' they probably would agree. You see, Ace had the 'gift' to hear others' thoughts. All. The. Damn. Time. So far he's only met people who could temporarily block him but, not forever. As for Zero... His ability was known for being able to see and send a vision of death to the person he is touching. So far no one knows that Zero could feel the pain of that vision.

The harder twin snorted faintly but then went along, "I am annoyed because last night I was cornered by Avery and then Victor both 'giving me advice' about needing a partner. Of course, both mentioned that they were single and looking."
At those words, Ace began to laugh softly before doubling over cackling. "Oh man, that is brilliant," he gasped out, eyes filled with mirth.

{Both twins are Bisexual}

Cool rp can I join? Or should I just start

(Feel free to just start. It's a 'jump in' rp.)

It started like any normal Sunday Lemon was in her greenhouse mixing recently picked plants when her dad came bursting in to inform her he heard from a source that one of the brothers were in search of a partner. Lemon had no interest in her father’s illegal business pursuits but he was determined to use her and her knowledge of herbs to help him anyway he could. That's how Lemon found herself standing at the entrance of the Warehouse. The plan went Lemon was consulting on something for the brothers but while she was there her real mission was to win the hand of one of the brothers.

Lemon’s long golden hair was in a high pony framing her round sun kissed skin and emerald eyes. She had a pair of low riding loose jeans that were rolled at the ankle, a tight plain white T-shirt, and a pair of orange crocs. Lemon was considered a natural Beauty but since she spent most of her days in the garden or forest searching for plants she wasn’t much for fancy things.

Slowly Lemon lifts one hand and knocks on the old warehouse door. “Hello”

Hello, is it okay if I join the roleplay

Besides mispronouncing her name, Kamala Chakrabarti hated getting lost. It made her feel incompetent and dumb and as the boss of your own company, you don't want to look like that. An hour earlier, her car had broken down and tired of waiting for help that would never come, she decided to use the GPS on her phone, which was on 15%, to lead her to the nearest mechanic. That was the first dumb mistake. The second was after following it for half an hour and then after it died, continuing to walk down some random path the stupid thing had led her too for another half hour, unwilling to give up. Now she was stuck here at some warehouse instead of a mechanic shop watching some blond girl knocking on its door. In all honesty, she thought the place looked empty and kinda creepy, but if someone came out of that door she was asking for directions right away and a big cup of water.

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