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It’s midnight and you’ve just been woken up by a strange voice. It’s faint, but it sounds like it’s getting closer. “Too young... too old... too short... too loud...” the voice seems to be going house to house. You look out your window and see your neighbor, a grumpy old man called Bernice, staring up at a floating silloette. “What’re ya doin on my lawn at this time’a night?!” Bernice yells. His poor eyesight must have mistaken the figure for some child. The figure stares down at him, a small chuckle escaping it’s lips. “Too..... well, I don’t know, but I don’t like it.” The voice says. “Waddaya-“ Bernice began, but was interrupted by a energy beam through his chest, killing him instantly. Poor Bernice. The figure slowly floats towards you and you find yourself unable to move. It gets face to face with you and you can now clearly see what it is, despite the lingering darkness. It’s a giant, black, razor-toothed... bird. It stares down at you. “Hm. Too......... I don’t know, but I’m killing you anyway.” It opens its beak and a light swells in its throat. You close your eyes, thinking about everything you could’ve done with your life. Suddenly, an alarm goes off. Of course, it was just a dream. You slowly open your eyes... and you’re still there. It wasn’t a dream, it was the bird’s alarm. “Oh. Well, this is awkward. I’m... out of time. How many more tries do I get before I’m fired?” The bird says, checking something on his wrist. “” He looks at you, thinking. “Well! You, Uh, are the chosen one! That’s totally it. The... chosen one of letting me keep my job. I’m taking you to the oblivion tower now! For it, is... your destiny, I guess! The oblivion tower is a giant black tower with 10,000 floors, each with a special challenge on them. There is a pitstop every so often, and if you get to the top, you win treasures unimaginable! And also freedom! But uh... between you and me, I wouldn’t bother. The first floor pitstop is a fine place to live the rest of your life. Most people are chosen because the boss thinks they’ll put up a fight, but... you aren’t all that special. You’re only going for my jobs sake. The furthest anyone’s gone is floor 100, and even he’s gone now. Sound good? I wasn’t asking, you’re going either way. Good luck, I guess!” Before you can properly take any of what he just said in, you feel a sharp pain in your abdomen. You’re unconscious within seconds. When you wake up, you’re in a giant, black, windowless tower, a thick black ceiling in between each floor. Stairs upwards are to the side of the room, and around 40 people are scattered around the place. A food bar, beds, toilets and other things are lying around. A man in white and cyan futuristic armour approaches you, pointing a spear at your chest. “Welcome to checkpoint one, newbie. Name. Now.”


Hello everyone, icy here, again. I hope that made sense. I’m looking for anywhere from one to five people. I may be able to handle more if some of you want to group up. Magic, weapons and/or future tech are expected, if you want to try going past checkpoint one. Of course, you can just hang around with the other people there, if you’re fine making no impact on the world and dying of old age down here. Dice rolls aren’t required but recommended. Posts must be more than one sentence. Romance is allowed, if this is really the place you want to pick up a date... attacking other players is also allowed but excessive violence may attract unwanted attention. If you’re interested, just say so. As always, love you all. ☃️

20 sided die

Details: Occasional dice use, concise writing, long-term RP partner preferred. Looking for 1 other player.

((Still open if anyone is interested!))

If this is still open, I'm down

((Yes, it’s still open! Would you prefer pm or public forums?))

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