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Vemine Walked around the Gruophome humming quietly to herself. Vemine hopped on the full couch in the main room. she was all alone and the other children had gone to bed.


Walking outside of the building, Kaido sat down against the wall, taking out a small flask. He'd had a long day with two kills, which had rained him of most of his energy. taking a small sip of the whiskey in the flask, he sat there and sighed, looking up and hanging out there. "I wish the day could be over with today", he said to himself before he began dozing off.

Getting up, Vemine, walked to her room and stared out the window, for a 6 yr old she was fairly smart, she observed the few people walking by on the side walk. as she watched Vemine noticed a man walk out of a building, he leaned on a wall and pulled out a flask of sorts. "I wish i wasn't so lonely. . ." Vemine zoned out whilst still staring out the window.

It wasn't long before he snapped out of the daze, putting away his flask and then settling to get back to he daze when he realized something. 'With the people here I might get robbed', he thought before getting up and then finding a building or ally to sleep in.

Vemine watched him walk to a building walking by her window, before she knew it she wasknocking on her window to get his attention, she didn't know why she did it, but it felt right, she knocked and hope he would notice her. "please... please. . ."


Kaido stopped at the knocks on the window, seeing a small girl behind it. He raised his eyebrow and looked to find the entrance to the orphanage. He seemed slightly lost when he came in.

Vemine left her room and ran to the open entrance room. she stared at the man from a door way she hid behind, "Hello Sir. . ." Spoke a women who walked out of what looked to be an office, "Do you need something?"she asked. the women was nice and had a lulling voice, she stood tall and shook Kaido's hand.

Kaido hesitated with the sudden handshake, pulling his hand away rather quickly. "There was a kid knocking at the window while I was outside, and it seemed as if she needed something. May I see her?" He asked.

"Hmm. . .sure" the women pointed towards the door way follow me.
Vemine ran to her room and sat on her bed. "his here to see me? but. . . i didn't mean to. . ."
The women knocked on Vemine's door and opened it "Darling? theres a man her to see you"


Kaido stood there, looking at the small girl. He motioned for the lady to leave the two before speaking further. "You were saying something, and it looked like 'please'. What's the deal, kid?", he asked.

*sigh* "I wasn't . . . um" Vemine shook her head "I don't know" Vemine crossed her legs "i didn't realise i did that," she sighed again, "i guess im just lonely, all i do is watchpeople walk by or get other kids and i want a parent, you were interesting, i guess"

He nodded lightly. "Hm." Not knowing what else to say, he remained silent.

Vemine sighed "you prolly wanna get going, hm?"

Kaido remained silent, not sure what to say.

"i didn't mean for you to walk in the orphanige. so im sorry, if you need some place then ask madam himira and you can stay upstairs in the inn" Vemine smiled and sat on her bed.

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