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July Office Hour Highlights

Posted by Kim on July 16, 2022, 2:15pm

Interestingly, these were two fairly well attended and talkative office hours, but there were almost no questions to summarize and report to you.

Instead, on Friday we brainstormed ideas for a new brand of soda called RP Cola, a widget that would have random buttons on it that Sound Important but actually do nothing, and I was lobbied to add a new pet alongside walruses and phoenixes that is just an egg, but an egg you can put costumes on.

On Saturday, we discussed whether Red Dead Redemption is just the masculine version of Barbie Horse Adventures (conclusion: it is), personal naming conventions when allowed to get a pet in a game (conclusion: be cautious about using the name of an actual current pet, because upon that pet's RL death you will likely have to abandon the save file,) and generally sharing our favorite childhood games.

I had an absolutely lovely time, I look forward to our next hang-out sesh ;)

Here's one super relevant question that came in about four minutes before the end of my official office hours:

Dunno if it's already been asked, but any update about the whole maps thing?
NO IT HASN'T AND I'M HONESTLY ASTONISHED IT TOOK THIS LONG TO GET THIS QUESTION. The short answer is I've been working on it very slowly and feeling generally intimidated by the whole thing. I've basically decided that when I come back from the UK in August I'm blocking out as much time as I possibly can to tell clients I'm busy and banging out... something. Letting go of the need for it to be the best thing ever and just get a working thing to start with.

I'm still absolutely determined for it to happen this year, but I think I have gotten a bit into my own head about it and need to consciously take a different approach to push through this block.

Hey, an imperfect product will just give everyone more chances at accolades. ;)
That is the attitude I need right now, thank you for that XD