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May Office Hour Highlights

Posted by Kim on May 18, 2024, 2:05pm

How you doing today? :D
I'm *hopefully* on the upswing. I've been pretty sick this week and on too many antibiotics to feel like a real human >.>

How's your dog? Been awhile, so last I heard it was a puppy.
Hey Juls! :D My dog is currently in her extremely sassy adolescent phase (about 15 months old) and using her talk buttons to express her angst and rebellion on a regular basis XD Oh, Versailles did pass the Canine Good Citizen test since the last time we talked though, so we're very pleased with that :)

the DM editing time... I have to say I LOVE the three hour window!
However, is there a possibility that the 'unread message' flag could activate when a DM is edited? I tend to miss when people go and edit stuff.

Oh, interesting. I wonder how folks would feel about being outted about an edit. I've only ever received the argument that people want to edit PMs to fix typos quietly, rather than, say, sending a whole new message with corrections that would make it obvious mistakes were made.

I don't do much DM RP, but I think it would be kinda disappointing to get all excited thinking there was a new reply only to see it was just a typo fix in the previous message
Yes. I'm also thinking there may be a lot of bug reports submitted about phantom unread flags for people who didn't even notice the typos the first time around.

I will keep it in mind for the future to see if I can think of a compromise, but I think the exact suggestion is not going to happen as-is right now :)

About the dice, is there a way to have them show the individual dice when rolling multiples (e.g. 3D100). As it stands, they total, and can only be seen individually if clicked on. many people don't realize that, and with all the raffles, I've seen a few 'winners' become 'losers' because they re-roll three individual dice after rolling combined dice and not knowing they had actually rolled the winning number with one of the dice. Suggesting it be "open" by default rather than needing to click to see the individual results

Maybe this could be an option. I've definitely gotten feedback at times that having all of the dice specifics for big handfuls of dice show can get really cluttered and annoying, so there's some pressure the other way as well that makes me hesitant to just make the change.

I can totally see why someone would be confused the first time out, but it does seem like a single informed person seeing it could just say "Hey, look, you won!" I'm not sure why the excess rolls would be counted in that case.

I did mention it. I dont think it was read. Oh well. I get the cluttering. An option switch maybe?

The trouble with it being an individual option is that if you know about the option and turn it on, then you could see, but the other person who does not know they can click OR change that option still doesn't see, and if you've already said something and it wasn't read.... we are back where we are right now.

Sorry, I'm not trying to be negative, just talking through! Changing any darn thing on a website often turns out to be a way larger balancing act than anyone would expect XD

Hey Kim, I'm sorry to ask because I've know you've probably been more focused on Epic week but how are maps coming along?
Don't be sorry! I know everyone wants to know this one. ;)

I got slowed down late last year by some health issues, then had to slow and then pause map things in 2024 to switch into Epic Week mode. I'm really, really looking forward to pivoting back to maps as my main focus again now that that's behind us. I hope I can put out some good good progress posts in the Terra Incognita group really soon.

with all you are doing... work and RPR running and all.... do you still have time to play? Make characters and roleplay? Maybe you're a sneaky anon here and there?
I do!! Although lately I've been channeling a lot of my RP time into LARPing rather than text RP, I do actually still do the text RP thing!

Frankly, my time spent RPing took a nose dive the year I opened the RPR and has never quite recovered. >.> I'm always like, I could do a RP, but I could also create more stuff for the RPs to use, and programming so often wins in my brain.

It's hard enough to see friends as An Old, to say nothing of hobbies and fun, so LARP seems like a very clever multitask ;)

This past 12 months I've been going pretty heavy on a Vampire: The Masquerade LARP. Been playing a Tremere regent.

Pre-COVID I was doing some post-apoc zombie LARPs that were SO much fun. Most of them don't exist any longer post covid though.

Would there possibly be a way to upload images into a post without bb code? On my computer it's not that big of a deal, but on my phone it's a bit more of a hassle. Plus everyone deserves be be graced by the cuteness that is my puppy

This is one of those things I would really like to add, but am quite apprehensive about doing at our size -- it requires us to maintain quite a bit of extra hosting for stray images, which is something I already have to charge Epic members for to have bigger image galleries on their character profiles. Giant companies like Discord can more easily manage it in bulk, I think, whereas for us it could create some financial risks.

So I guess all that to say... maybe. It is one of those things that is now mostly just expected of modern websites, I would like to be included in that category, and yet the practical realities of it for a small scale operation are pretty daunting.



May 18, 2024

Maw enjoyed the Office Hour chat today....